The festive season is all about tradition: a roast for lunch, yes even in summer, Christmas cards balanced on top of the mantelpiece, and that old carols CD that someone (mom) insists on playing every year.

With so many traditions in play, the things you do year after year were probably introduced to you when you were a child, so why not try something different this year and start your own family traditions?

Here are a few suggestions from Epson to get your creative side thinking:

  • While some might say that any date earlier than 1 December is too early to put up your Christmas tree, others start planning the tree’s trimmings much earlier! Scour the Internet for printable decorations, and customise them with your own family photos, or print out templates for the little ones to colour in, adding their own signature to the festive season tableau that you create at home.
  • Personalise your presents by printing your own gift labels. Design labels that reflect your own personality, or create labels that are perfect for each person that you’re giving a gift to. Print your labels wirelessly from any Android or iOS device via Bluetooth on the Epson LW600P label printer for quick, affordable and high quality images.
  • If you have grandparents who live far away, spoil them with a photobook gift that chronicles their grandchildren’s adventures. With the Epson’s range of photo printers, like the Epson L800 Ink Tank System printer, you can print up to 1,800 images off one ink system, and create gifts that will last a lifetime.
  • Instead of sticking to old recipe books, why not create your own with the younger members of your family. Search the Internet for some inspiration, print them out and ‘scrapbook’ them into a family recipe book – and then get creative in the kitchen.
  • Give your guests a keepsake after those cherished family meals by taking a formal photograph of all who attended, and print it out on an Epson photo printer for them to take home, framed if you can for that extra special touch. You can also use these photos to create a photo wall, or to make a photo Christmas tree that can be updated with images every year.
  • Keep everyone entertained after dinner by starting a Christmas Home Movie tradition on the patio, in the lounge or on the lawn. Share your favourite movie of the year, or create a slide show of your best family photos and video clips using the Epson EH-TW550 or the EH-TW9200 projector, to relive memories while you have fun and laugh together.
  • For the mom who is trying to manage festive stress while keeping her children entertained, help her through the impending “back-to-school” January madness by printing personalised stationery labels for her children’s school books and stationery. You can also make your own back-to-school time easier by buying yourself the gift that keeps on giving great labels – the Epson LW400 label printer.
EH-TW9200- Projector

EH-TW9200- Projector

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