Epson has been named as the world’s number one projector manufacturer for the fourteenth successive year by Futuresource Consulting Limited. The milestone demonstrates the company’s continuing success within the visual imaging sector.

The latest findings from Futuresource indicate that Epson has the largest unit share of the market for 500-lumen and higher projectors.

“I’d like to highlight that this achievement would not be possible without our local resellers who continue to do great work on our behalf,” said Kelvin Reynolds, General Manager of Epson South Africa. “Receiving this accolade for the fourteenth consecutive year is testament to our ability to deliver innovative products that continue to excite our customers all over the world.”

Epson has a broad range of visual imaging products that cover installation, portable, ultra-short-throw, interactive, business and home cinema products.

At the heart of Epson’s projectors is 3LCD technology, which helps Epson projectors deliver the clearest, most vibrant and true-to-life images on the market. This is achieved by the measurement of Colour Light Output (CLO), projecting images that are three times brighter.

Kelvin Reynolds added: “By responding to market trends and continuously investing in the development of ground-breaking products and technologies, our aim is to continue strengthening our position as the market leader year on year.”

For more information on CLO visit www.epson.co.za