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Digital wallets are coming to the fore
Jun 22nd, 2015

All reports seem to show that mobile is on the rise and, while this growth continues unabated, it has helped disrupt many traditional industries, including transportation, accommodations, services and retail.

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Get ready for e-commerce, it will be booming in South Africa by 2017 says ImproWeb’s Groove
Jun 22nd, 2015

Besides 2014 being a tough year for online businesses, there has been an increase in query volumes for South Africa of 37% – and increases of 49% in Nigeria and 33% in Kenya.

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Another charity walk for Esquire and Caring Women’s Forum Pretoria
Apr 30th, 2015

Esquire Technologies, together with the Caring Women’s Forum Pretoria, is to host the third charity walk on the 10th May 2015, at the Rosina Sedibane sport grounds in Laudium.

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Online sales in South Africa are growing markedly
Mar 31st, 2015

Esquire recently reported that it reached a milestone of 30 000 online orders placed on its website to date.

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Esquire’s laptop and desktop sales increase by 70% for Q1
Mar 24th, 2015

While South Africa’s economic growth appears to be crimped it would seem that the small and medium enterprise market is gathering steam and is investing increasingly in information technology.

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Esquire plans to sell 30 000 Geeko tablets into the education sector in one year
Mar 19th, 2015

Esquire Technologies has launched its E-Box solution for the education sector, which will see it sell 30 000 of its Geeko tablets in the first 12 months.

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MyWiGo Smartphones signs an exclusive agreement with Esquire Technologies
Feb 11th, 2015

The Spanish multinational reaches the southern African market through Esquire. MyWiGo will sell 50 000 units in the first phase of the agreement.

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M-Commerce will be on the rise in 2015
Jan 19th, 2015

The year 2015 will be the year when most online retailers also offer the customers a mobile site, said Dieter Febel, MD of SA Gateway, one of the leading ISP companies in SA, and the sister company of Esquire Technologies.

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E-commerce is going increasingly mobile says ImproWeb
Jan 15th, 2015

As technology continues at a rapid pace, pioneering e-commerce stores are increasingly developing new techniques and facilities to make online selling and online shopping a lot more efficient and fun.

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Rainbow Weekend set to be a hit in SA
Nov 25th, 2014

In what is a market first, Esquire Technologies, one of South Africa’s leading distributors of IT and digital lifestyle products, put its own spin on this by launching its own Rainbow Weekend.

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