One solution for the whole call centre universe

Oct 15th, 2020

Euphoria’s call centre solution is making life easier for call centre owners and managers everywhere. This dedicated feature set on the Euphoria platform helps manage productivity levels by tracking and measuring agents’ performance. It’s a one-stop solution for accurate performance reporting and a holistic view of call behaviour.

What does it do?

The call centre solution provides information on average call duration, answer time and other standard reporting benchmarks but there is one striking difference between this and the other solutions out there.

Traditional call centre solutions don’t necessarily track specific call outcomes; whereas, beyond tracking statistics like average call duration and answering time, Euphoria’s tracks what happened as a result of the call. It provides data on whether queries were resolved effectively or whether a call translated into a sale, for example.

Euphoria’s solution is powered by comprehensive analytics around call centre behaviour – from the sales floor trenches to queues, campaigns and actual numbers for incoming and outgoing calls. Both agent and consumer behaviour tracking is just the touch of a button away.

How it works

The agent interface is embedded into a web-browser, meaning team members can work from anywhere. This is ideal for call centres that work remotely. The management interface is also web-driven and equally mobile. This call centre solution is flexible in other ways, too.

It can integrate comfortably with other platforms, so you can leverage the business intelligence you have in other systems – like your CRM with customer information and history, ERP information with order history, and ticketing systems for support or complaint history.

Why we love it

Euphoria’s call centre solution is quick and easy to install, with simple software setup and a speedy training session. Agents can easily be upskilled to use the system and it’s very user-friendly at an operational level.

Why not try out the most comprehensive, easy-to-use call centre solution and make performance a priority that translates to profit?

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