Educational diagnostics company, Learn2, has partnered with two telecommunications organisations to offer schools in small towns South Africa and previously disadvantaged informal settlements free access to its diagnostics and video-based adaptive learning platform.

Customers of fibre network operator (FNO), Evotel, and internet service provider (ISP), Net Nine Nine, will be receiving free access to Learn2’s online learning platform with immediate effect – in time to assist schools and learners, especially grade 12 learners, with their preparation for the final exams of 2022.

The web-based learning platform is focused on the subject which has been identified as a problem area in the South African education system – Maths. The Learn2 mobile app is developed with unique artificial intelligence (AI) diagnostics focused on adaptive learning which highlights where learners have weaknesses in the subjects of Maths. It then provides each student with personalised remediation lessons and assessments based on the identified weaknesses, which Learn2 assures users, is guaranteed results.

Learn2 covers the entire CAPS and IEB curriculum for Maths grades 1–12.

“Evotel has always been focused on supporting any education initiatives to help build and grow the youth to be the best leaders of tomorrow. As such, we are very excited about this partnership with Learn2 to give our users in small towns access to Learn2’s online learning platform, which features guided content and videos by expert teachers, specifically tailored to the needs of each individual student and where they experience difficulties with Maths,” says Bradley Bekker, newly appointed General Manager of Evotel.

“We at Net Nine Nine always saw connectivity as being a major driver for education in the country, so when a mutual partner made the introduction, we really liked the system and jumped at the opportunity to partner with Learn2. The platform is amazing in addressing students’ weaker points in Maths and I’m confident that we’ll see better results from schools and learners in previously disadvantaged communities who make use of the system,” says Albert Oosthuysen, Net Nine Nine CEO.

Both the Evotel and Net Nine Nine partnership with Learn2 will initially provide free Learn2 platform access to their entire customer base, including the schools which they have built relationships with to assist students in preparing for year-end exams. The free access to the Learn2 platform will be free until the end of 2023, after which access to the system will be bundled with specific fibre packages.

Says Learn2 founder, David Modlin: “It is such a pleasure to be partnering with two like-minded organisations that understand the need and value of education of our youth for the growth and future wellbeing of our country. Education has time and time again been flagged as lacking and needing more attention to ensure socio-economic development. However, not much has been done to rectify the situation. We are, therefore, confident that through partnerships like these with companies like Evotel and its reach within regional small towns in South Africa, as well as Net Nine Nine and its reach into disadvantaged informal settlements, we will be able to make a difference in not only the quality of learning but also addressing specific areas of weakness for learners to close those gaps in knowledge.”

Evotel’s Bekker and Net Nine Nine’s Oosthuysen are both very optimistic about their involvement with Learn2 and believe that by addressing education initiatives in regional towns and often overlooked informal settlements, consisting of the majority of South Africa’s citizenry, will only lead to the improvement of these areas, economically and societally.

The Learn2 platform will be available to all schools and customers of Evotel and Net Nine Nine immediately. Schools and teachers that decide to use the system will be provided with the necessary training to integrate and utilise the platform.