Evotel is proud to be supporting Goldfields WiFi and Computers – a Welkom ISP in the Free State – with a R90 000 monetary donation for its ‘Restore Riebeeckstad’ project. This project involves a comprehensive cleaning up of the town aimed at providing a better and cleaner environment for its residents.

Goldfields has garnered support from various companies and organisations, including Evotel, to assist, with the project. According to Goldfields, it is a complete homegrown, hometown project that not only cleans up the town but also provides jobs to the local community.

The Restore Riebeeckstad project includes cleaning up areas and overgrown fields that have become a danger to residents’ safety.

Particular areas of concern are water towers and substations that are being vandalised and are in near disrepair. The project also includes the cleaning of streets, picking up litter, removing rubbish bags and keeping streets, sidewalks and public areas clean and maintained.

Vehicles and equipment were specifically purchased and rented to help with the clearing of the fields while locals were hired to assist with the labour.

“Our desire was to bring restoration and work for locals from outside the town in an effort to benefit the entire town,” says Riaan Nell, Goldfields WiFi and Computers owner.

Says Bradley Bekker, Evotel GM: “Our involvement in this project is in line with Evotel’s commitment to improving the lives of people living in the communities it operates in. From its inception, Evotel has focused on uplifting all the communities it services by more than just providing fast and reliable fibre internet access. The company has always made it a point to take its installations in towns further than just installing fibre network infrastructure and then leaving.

“This Restore Riebeeckstad project is the perfect example where we can contribute towards uplifting the Riebeeckstad community and empower the people of this small town.”

Understanding that the local municipality is struggling, Goldfields saw the need to take action and restore these areas to full function. According to Goldfields’ Head of Sales and Marketing, Juan De Mellion, the project was meant to be short, running only during December 2022, but on careful evaluation and understanding of the scope of work, the initiative is now an ongoing project until further notice.

“We are building pride within our own space; getting the community involved wherever we can. This is not an adversarial stance with the local municipality. In fact, if the municipality wants to get involved we would love and welcome that,” Nell states.

“We started the project in Riebeeckstad, where we saw the greatest need for the clean up and restoration. With it proving to be such a huge success, we now have plans to expand the project into other areas of Welkom and the surrounding municipality,” De Mellion adds.

It is astounding what can be achieved when a small local ISP takes the initiative to make a difference in their own surroundings and takes the lead to see it happen.

“Evotel is sponsoring the fuel costs for tractors and brush cutters, workers’ wages and other equipment. We are pleased to be part of this initiative and encourage other ISPs in small towns across our country to do the same and rope in their partners and contacts to help ‘restore’ their immediate communities and uplift their residents,” Bekker concludes.