Fibre Network Operator (FNO), Evotel, has partnered with Infinity Wirelesss, a Rustenburg ISP to provide the Rustenburg Crime Combating Forum (RCCF) with free fibre internet services.

Through this partnership Evotel is once again honouring its word of going a step further than simply supplying access to fast and reliable fibre internet infrastructure. Since inception, Evotel has made it a point of doing more for the communities it operates in to better the lives of those living in the area.

“It didn’t take much to convince us to assist the RCCF with sponsorship for their internet and communication needs. We share the same value of truly caring for the people in the communities we operate in. It is a pleasure to help the RCCF in its efforts to keep the Rustenburg community safer by providing them with a free fibre connection. Evotel fully backs the efforts of those working to keep their communities safe, and we are happy to do so through the power of fibre and by alleviating their data costs,” says Bradley Bekker, Evotel’s General Manager.

The RCCF is a registered non-profit organisation and as a rule, does not ask the public for donations. However, they have daily operating and emergency communication costs that with the help from Evotel and Infinity Wireless are serving an entire community.

“We are extremely thankful for the generosity of Evotel and Infinity Wireless for their combined sponsorship to give us free fibre and uncapped internet access and services to keep our communication channels open and our emergency line always functioning for the safety of our citizens,” says RCCF Vice Chairperson, Clinton Cilliers.

According to Cilliers the RCCF have in the region of 48 groups they regularly communicate with through online messaging services, numerous times a day, which requires always-on internet and data to be effective. The organisation also makes use of an online two-way radio system, Zello, allowing communication between the public and RCCF members which can only function with internet access and data.

“Because of Evotel’s free access to its fibre network and Infinity Wireless’ sponsorship of an uncapped data package, we are assured that our communication network is functional at all times and that our emergency phone and line are always active and in operation. Rustenburg residents don’t have to worry that they won’t be able to report incidences to us where our assistance is needed,” explains Cilliers.

Through having constant open and active communications channels available the RCCF can keep abreast of any security issues brewing, can be alerted to any emergency that might arise by the community and can respond immediately.

Apart from thanking Evotel for its generous sponsorship, the RCCF will also include the Evotel logo in RCCF communications and it will appear on RCCF response vehicles around town.