Networks Unlimited Africa and its vendor partner SentinelOne have together launched a new partner programme that brings Sentinel One’s endpoint security to managed security services providers (MSSPs) of all sizes, and, in particular, is geared to help small businesses become more established in this particular cybersecurity arena.

SentinelOne helps organisations to prevent, detect, respond to and remediate end-point threats using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, and value-added distributor Networks Unlimited delivers its endpoint security products throughout Africa.

Stefan van de Giessen, General Manager: Cybersecurity at Networks Unlimited Africa, says, “Networks Unlimited is proud to introduce the Sentinel One Evolve Partner Programme, which is designed to help MSSPs to grow their SentinelOne business and increase profitability, while also providing value-added benefits and support. The way that the programme has been structured is particularly beneficial to small, medium and micro enterprises (SMMEs) and is, in fact, a first of its kind in Africa.

“There has been a fair amount of investment into the MSSP market over the past year, and SentinelOne has realised the need to help smaller companies enter this arena more easily. And so, for example, instead of having to buy a minimum of 100 licences, which is likely to be out of an SMME’s reach, SentinelOne does not require a minimum licence number.”

Other features of the programme include a flexible billing model and ‘next level value’ support from Networks Unlimited. Van de Giessen clarifies, “Upfront annual billing is standard, but we also offer a quarterly in-arrears billing model, which can be extremely useful for SMMEs from a cash flow perspective. Additionally, we offer the MSSP dedicated sales, technical and marketing support, based on partner programme levels and requirements.

“We are able to assist the MSSP with proof of concept (POC) demonstrations to their customers, for example, as well as offer general technical and process support and the development of a joint marketing plan. The programme features three levels – namely Standard, Super and Ultra – each offering a different price point, from entry to higher level. As the MSSP advances through the partner level parameters, they will be empowered to do more independently, for example running their own POCs and demonstrations and providing direct support to customers.”

Van de Giessen says that the new offering with SentinelOne is an exciting move for Networks Unlimited. “We can bring this excellent end point security solution, which competes with traditional anti-virus offerings, to market at a very good price point, allowing smaller customers to join the playing field here more easily. “SentinelOne is the only vendor currently engaging at this level, and we are very pleased and proud to offer a programme that allows smaller companies to become resellers working with Networks Unlimited, without having to worry about the usual required economies of scale, while we further assist them with developing a proactive value proposition,”concludes Van de Giessen.

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