Managed service providers (MSPs) know that, even though they may try to enforce group policies to store data only on their network or in the cloud, end users often store some files locally on their laptops and PCs. Wherever it may reside, the fact is that data can also be lost or damaged due to physical disasters, loss, theft or cyberattacks. And so, with more employees than ever working remotely, there has never been a greater need to make sure that offsite resources are regularly backed up.

Altaro, a leader in backup solutions for MSPs, IT resellers and IT departments, has designed a solution to simplify backup for an organisation’s on-premises and roaming Windows desktops and laptops. Its solutions are distributed throughout Africa by value-added distributor Networks Unlimited Africa.

COVID-19 has brought the working world into our homes this year in an unprecedented manner,” says Risna Steenkamp, General Manager: ESM Division at Networks Unlimited Africa, “and while many employees are happy to have their home morph into their day-to-day work space, it does bring more headaches for an organisation’s IT security team. The need for endpoint backup is increasing rapidly with the current trends towards remote working.

“Altaro has reacted to this need and designed Altaro EndPoint Backup for MSPs, a highly scalable endpoint backup solution through which thousands of on-premises and roaming endpoints can be backed up across multiple customers. MSPs can configure, manage and monitor the backups centrally through a multi-tenant online console, which gives added control and convenience.

“Altaro EndPoint Backup is also free for MSPs for internal use, for up to 10 licences, with a free 30-day trial to test out and evaluate the Altaro EndPoint Backup in your own environment,” advises Steenkamp.

“The Altaro EndPoint Backup product provides MSPs with a great opportunity to help your customers protect their business, especially during this time while more of the workforce is connecting from home. Simply pay per endpoint per month and scale up or down as needed.”