Enterprise systems solutions expert ProStream has announced that it has become a member of the Hitachi Vantara Partner Program in order to strengthen its range of offerings. Hitachi Vantara offers storage solutions for enterprises and mid-sized organisations, as well as hardware, software, data analytics and consultation services for many areas of information technology (IT) and businesses.

“Networks Unlimited became a proud distributor of Hitachi Vantara within sub-Saharan Africa during 2019,” says Marcel Fouché, Networking and Storage General Manager at value-added distributor Networks Unlimited Africa. “We pride ourselves on building supportive working relationships with our systems integrators and resellers, and our sales and service alignment created a natural pathway for us to assist ProStream in its Hitachi Vantara partnership journey.”

Chris Maughan, Director at ProStream, explains, “Having been established in 2015, ProStream is a wholly-owned South African company involved in robotics, process automation and business optimisation, with the aim of improving our customers’ business outcomes.

“The use of data analytics helps customers to understand what the data means for their business, and we have been involved in mobile application developments to help customers with their digital journey.”

ProStream previously built three enterprise software solutions, namely an enterprise budgeting system, a balanced scorecard system, and a procure-to-pay lifecycle system. Maughan notes that because of Hitachi Vantara’s product superiority, having access to its expertise and tools will enable ProStream to strengthen its offering to its existing customer set while also bringing on new customers.

“This is a new and exciting stage for us, and we believe it will really enhance our value proposition to our customers. We have been working mainly in the financial services arena, but intend to expand into manufacturing and mining, and are confident that Hitachi Vantara will help us here. We are now planning to engage with the enterprise datacentre and IoT spaces, and believe that Hitachi Vantara’s expertise will greatly assist us in getting off to a running start as we put in place new elements of our business.”

Additionally, says Maughan , ProStream is looking forward to working with Networks Unlimited to foster new partnerships while further extending its existing relationships.

“We look forward to benefiting from our relationship with Networks Unlimited and working with them locally to fulfill new orders from Hitachi Vantara. Networks Unlimited has already proven invaluable in its understanding of the Hitachi Vantara business and its support in assisting with lead and demand generation through its marketing outreach.”

“We have full confidence that our evolving partnership with Hitachi Vantara and ProStream will be mutually beneficial to all involved parties,” adds Fouché. “We are firm believers in harnessing the abilities of others in order to solve challenges and continue moving forward. Strategic partnerships play an important role in improving business outcomes and should ultimately offer benefits to the companies concerned as well as the end-customer,” he concludes.

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