There is no doubt that it has been difficult for many local companies to survive during 2020. Imagine then how much more challenging it must have been for worthy causes like The Love Trust and its beneficiary, Nokuphila School in Tembisa, Midrand?

This is the question asked by Anton Jacobsz, CEO at Networks Unlimited Africa, a leading value-added distributor within the Sub-Saharan African market. He explains, “The Love Trust is a South African non-profit educational organisation which has, to date, reached over 20,000 primary and secondary beneficiaries in disadvantaged communities. Because the lockdown period has made it even harder for non-profit organisations to stay afloat, our company has made a point of continuing to offer our support to this worthwhile organisation.

A team from Networks Unlimited has once again gone the extra mile during December to assist Nokuphila School with the donation of 32 grocery food packs, including mainly everyday essentials.

Networks Unlimited has also made other donations to Nokuphila School throughout the year, including stationery and art packs for the children’s art curriculum, as well as IT equipment to help with the running of the school itself. In celebration of Women’s Month in August, Networks Unlimited also gave 29 sanitary hampers to some of the older girls at Nokuphila school, as well as an extra hamper for the school itself.

Under the umbrella of The Love Trust, Nokuphila School provides quality education, supplemented by nutrition and access to transport, to underprivileged and vulnerable children who attend the school. The Love Trust believes in reducing poverty and social inequality through holistic education and social care that includes academic excellence, spiritual strength and moral integrity, and runs a number of initiatives focused on childhood development and the upskilling of teachers.

The Love Trust is also the 53 percent broad-based black economic empowerment (B-BBEE) partner of Networks Unlimited Africa, in a partnership arrangement which allows Networks Unlimited Africa to support its goal of helping vulnerable children through real practical and educational support.

“Nokuphila School and The Love Trust are together continuing to focus on the twin realities of food support, as well as educational assistance, during this crisis,” says Jacobsz, “and we are keenly aware that education is a key that will allow us to unlock the potential of South Africa going forward.

“We are proud to offer our continued support to Nokuphila School, in this way showing our ongoing commitment towards building up South Africa through the advancement of some of its most vulnerable children,” he concludes.

The Love Trust’s details are as follows: