See the alternative energy solutions that will change the world

Solar plant

The world has long depended on fossil fuels for energy generation, but using cutting edge technologies, GE scientists are seeking new energy solutions that will change energy as we know it.

General Electric has partnered with National Geographic to explore the future of energy sourced from new and unique sources in Energy on the Edge, an episode of the thrilling new Breakthough TV series.

The episode follows innovative alternative energy projects that will enable clean energy to be collected from previously untapped sources and help humanity address the significant damage we have done to our environment.

“There is clean, safe energy all around us, and we are obligated to find ways to access it,” says director Akiva Goldsman, who also directed the likes of Batman Forever, Batman & Robin, Cinderella Man and I Am Legend.

Energy on the Edge kicks off with a jaw-dropping tour of the massive billion-dollar Crescent Dunes concentrating solar farm developed by SolarReserve during its final phases of construction.

The molten salt–enabled, steam-powered generating system at the facility is designed to produce solar-sourced electricity whether the sun is shining or not.

The episode also takes a look inside the National Ignition Facility, where researchers are unlocking the secrets of nuclear fusion with the help of 192 precisely calibrated lasers.

The Breakthrough series is made up of six episodes that share compelling stories of the people, science, and technology that are defining our future as part of a co-production of GE and NatGeo.

Each hour long episode has been directed by Hollywood visionaries and world-class storytellers, while being supported by GE scientists, technicians, directors, and thought-leaders, as well as cutting-edge GE technologies.

The series follows innovators and their journeys as they work on projects that are on the cusp of a breakthrough and is currently available on National Geographic Channels in 440 million homes, 171 countries, and in 45 languages.

“Scientists, technologists, they could be heroes, but they tend to be more or less invisible,” American film director, producer and actor Howard said.

“Our episodes attempt to give them a microphone and understand what’s making them tick as an individual, what’s motivating them, what’s driving them — sometimes it’s very surprising.”

Energy on the Edge starts airing on December 6, and you can watch the full episode online here: