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Creating the “next normal” in work practices

Aug 19th, 2020

Even before the pandemic, the nature of work was changing because the nature of business is changing. Low-friction communications technology has compressed our world and lowered the barriers to cooperation.

Today a successful business is most likely to look like a network of people and technologies that together create value for the customer. These networks span the world, leveraging the power of multiple companies and many freelancers.

Inside these networks, location matters less, whether you’re working from home, a coffee shop, or an office of thousands. What matters is your ability to add value, and your ability to communicate that value to partners.

The next normal

We can shape a new future by redefining what ‘work’ really means. Work isn’t a place, it’s what you do and this focus on outcome-based working means the hours we work, where we are located, and who we meet are only relevant in pursuit of results.

Hybrid working empowers employees to work anywhere, to be mobile and connected, to collaborate, and be productive.

Home working and co-working spaces will rise in prominence, but even with all the benefits they bring, we’ll still see a need for a central company workspace for idea generation, collaboration, and to give the workforce its sense of identity.

Creating hybrid working practices

Rethink working patterns

Hybrid working brings flexibility on location, times, and days that work is carried out.

Review work-from-home policies and focus on what employees need to be productive.

Foster better collaboration

Encourage inclusive and productive work as teams become more virtual in nature.

Create engaging and productive virtual workspaces using noise-cancelling and intelligent acoustic solutions in dynamic headsets and video soundbars.

Optimise investment

Prioritise investment beyond the office walls to create flexible, collaborative, technology-enabled personal workspaces everywhere.

Poly Solutions help businesses navigate the “next normal”

Low-touch meeting rooms

Video conferencing bars and room systems will turn large meeting rooms into spaces for ideation, while ensuring social distancing.

Cloud meeting applications integrate with any native platform e.g. Teams, Zoom for easy one-touch meetings.

Remote worker

Enterprise-grade headsets for instant communication that blocks out background sound to optimise productivity.

Next-generation desk phones for executive-quality audio for the home office.

Video conferencing cameras with a 74-degree field of view to make calls feel like you’re there in person.

Open workspace

Enterprise-grade headsets with USB connectivity for ease of use with multiple devices.

Mobile to desk made easy with desktop mobile phone stations for simple transitions between the two.

Video conferencing cameras with HD quality with any native platform like Teams and Zoom.

Flexible worker

Enterprise-grade headsets that transition with you from home to car to office and everywhere between.

Portable webcams that can connect to any device or screen. Bluetooth speakerphones for exceptional audio.

If hybrid working brings choice over when, where and how employees work, then businesses must deliver the optimal technology and communication tools to drive productivity and collaboration.

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