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The emerging wave of next generation applications require that data centers be incredibly responsive, agile, accessible and automated. The only way to keep up with business needs is to adopt a software-defined approach to infrastructure accelerated by flash technology. In order to help its customers reach that goal, Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) today announced the newest addition to its flash portfolio, the Hitachi Flash Storage (HFS) A series family of all-flash arrays.

The Hitachi Flash Storage A series packs a powerful punch with industry-leading total cost of ownership (TCO), unmatched capacity density, dependable performance and efficient power in a small footprint. The simplified appliance package is easy to deploy and includes data optimisation technologies, making it ideal for quickly boosting performance in multiple environments for fast business insights and services delivery. System performance can be efficiently shared between multiple applications through quality of service (QoS) software. HFS A is the ideal platform for customers who want unprecedented performance and TCO in all-flash arrays.

Advanced Data Efficiency Services

Hitachi Flash Storage A series systems include a full suite of user-selectable data services that enable the right levels of capacity efficiency, data protection and predictable performance for a variety of workloads. Advanced features and selectable data services include inline data deduplication and compression, thin provisioning, snapshots, replication and data encryption. Customers now have the power to choose between turning on or off the inline data deduplication or compression based on application requirements for the right mix between performance and efficiency.

“Customers can realise an average of 5:1 more effective capacity and optimise data reduction rates with performance through optional deduplication tuning. They can also save even more space by allocating capacity on demand with thin provisioning technology,” says Erasmus Jacobs, general manager of HDS Sub-Sahara Africa.

HFS A Solution at Glance

Available in three models, HFS A series includes a pair of high-performance controllers and up to 60 SSDs in a single 2U-high tray. With up to 384TB of effective capacity and 1 million IOPS, customers can easily and quickly consolidate multiple applications to reduce data center footprint while alleviating management headaches. The HFS A series is ideal for customers seeking optimised solutions for a particular set of use cases like virtual desktop, virtual server real-time analytics and database environments.

Hitachi Flash Storage A series arrays also provide data protection in a number of ways. Customers can protect data with copy-on-write snapshots per logical volume and full clones of logical volumes can also be created and copied for redundancy.

Finally, QoS controls can be set for maximum IOPS and bandwidth consumption per logical volume to enable consistent application performance.

Integrated Flash Solutions for Every Use Case

Hitachi Flash Storage A series is Hitachi’s latest entry in its flash portfolio, which delivers flash solutions for multiple use case. The Hitachi Flash Storage A series joins the recently announced all-flash Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) F series and recently enhanced models of the hybrid Hitachi VSP G series in the Hitachi flash storage portfolio, enabling Hitachi to provide the right solution for the widest variety of customer applications.

A flash technology leader, Hitachi has invested heavily in next-generation flash research and development for over 15 years and has delivered industry innovation worldwide through more than 350 flash-related patents, more than any other vendor in the industry. These patents make our offer unique, helping to deliver the highest efficiency, reliability, capabilities and quality in the flash market. As one of the leading suppliers of enterprise flash in the industry, Hitachi has been meeting customer demand for flash technology since 2008, having shipped more than 250PB of total flash capacity and supporting the world’s largest all-flash deployments for critical business applications

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