Hitachi Data Systems, a wholly owned subsidiary of Hitachi Ltd. (TSE:6501), has been recognized by TechTarget’s Storage Media Group as a winner of the 2016 Products of the Year Awards in the all-flash storage systems category for its Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) F800 array. The VSP F800 stood against six other finalists, including products from flash-only vendors as well as vendors that offer all-flash versions of hybrid arrays. The criteria for winners in the all-flash storage system category included levels of innovation and performance, as well as ease of integration into existing environments. Additionally, functionality, value, and ease of manageability were compared to identify the top three all-flash systems of 2016.

While many all-flash arrays on the market are built to support a single application, VSP F800 is designed to support multiple applications and deliver superior uptime and performance. VSP F800 is built on Hitachi’s flash-aware storage operating system, the Storage Virtualisation Operating System (SVOS), which provides capacity reduction efficiencies, quality of service (QoS) controls, best-in-class cloud tiering and integration with a broad range of data center applications. This enables VSP F800 to consolidate many application workloads on a single system for maximum IT efficiency and cost savings.

All VSP F series are built on Hitachi’s intelligent flash modules (FMDs) instead of SSDs. The FMDs perform more consistently than SSDs and reduce controller overhead by shouldering flash related tasks. By delivering up to 1.4 million IOPS, VSP F series lets customers run applications that require the highest transaction rates. As a result, application response times are much faster than traditional SSD-based AFAs that are limited to performing data reduction on the array controller. The data reduction features in SVOS scales VSP F800 to a significant 1.4PB of effective capacity. Other systems in the VSP F Series include the VSP F400, F600 and F1500 all-flash arrays.

Hitachi Data Systems offers deep expertise in delivering world-class product support, nondisruptive data migration services, and fault-tolerant solutions. The future demands flash technology to meet increasing workloads, and the VSP portfolio and related offerings are here to meet those needs.

“Hitachi VSP F800 is based on the strength of HDS’ proven hardened array,” noted a Storage Magazine judge. “The manufacturer’s $69,860 list [price] makes VSP F800 a good value at the price.”

Features of Hitachi VSP F800 also include:

  • Data Eradication Services: Certify all user data is removed from the media including data that resides in over-provisioning space
  • Unified Block and File Protocol Support: Consolidates high performance storage and reduces data center footprint
  • Complete integration with all VMware applications
  • Best-in-class business continuity: Prevents outages with synchronous and asynchronous replication, providing zero recovery point objective (RPO) and near-zero recovery time objectives (RTO) capabilities
  • Linked snapshots: Enable thousands of copies of data sets to be created with near-zero capacity needed, allowing DevOps to quickly design and test new business models
  • Status dashboard: Provides a visual, at-a-glance summary of storage system capacity

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