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17 - 19 NOVEMBER 2015
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Huawei Speakers at AfricaCom 2015

Li Peng

President of Eastern and Southern Africa

Ian Mash

VP, Business and Network Consulting Dept.

Jiang Xue

Head of Carrier IT Business

Lee Yee

VP, Carrier Software BU Head of Digital Strategy, Global Consulting

Dr. Fang Liangzhou

VP, Network & Energy Product Line

Clinton Ho

Chief Analyst of Customer Experience, Global Service

Harish Bhatt

Senior MBB Network Consultant

Wang Mingmin (Dodoo)

Chief architect of Customer Experience, Global Service

Latest News

CRASA Supports Huawei call for faster spectrum allocation in Southern Africa to boost the Digital Economy
[Nov 23rd, 2015]

CRASA (Communications Regulators Association of Southern Africa) Supports call from Huawei for faster spectrum allocation for Mobile broadband in Africa as the industry chain needed to implement it had been ready long time ago.


Huawei aims to drive network transformation in Africa
[Nov 23rd, 2015]

Huawei showcased its comprehensive technical capabilities and ICT solution portfolio at AfricaCom 2015, one of Africa’s biggest technology trade fairs. At the show, Huawei reinforced its commitment to carriers in emerging markets and strong focus on enabling carriers’ digital transformation.


Huawei wins prestigious awards for innovative African broadband solutions
[Nov 20th, 2015]

At AfricaCom 2015, Huawei has won two of the most prestigious awards, namely Best Network Improvement award and Breakthrough LTE Development award.


Huawei’s innovative solutions improve broadband services
[Nov 19th, 2015]

Huawei’s Multi-Sector and EasyMacro antenna solutions help operators improve their mobile broadband services.


Connecting the unconnected in Africa with WTTx
[Nov 19th, 2015]

A big discussion point at AfricaCom 2015 is how to improve the broadband penetration rate in Africa, and WTTx is a suitable solution.


Huawei gives a glimpse of the future of ICT in Africa
[Nov 19th, 2015]

Huawei Technologies showcased its latest offerings at AfricaCom 2015, including its ICT solutions for building ubiquitous ultra-broadband networks.


Huawei live LTE Advanced demo hits 138Mbps
[Nov 19th, 2015]

Huawei and Cell C clocked speeds of up to 138Mbps on several different handsets during a live LTE Advanced site during a demonstration at Huawei’s demo area at AfricaCom 2015.


Connectivity – the secret ingredient for business success
[Nov 19th, 2015]

As the world becomes increasingly connected, it is more important than ever before for companies to invest in enterprise-class connectivity and broadband solutions.


Expect 100Mbps to become the norm in South Africa
[Nov 18th, 2015]

Government is aiming to get broadband at 100Mbps to at least 80% of South Africans by 2030, and has been engaging with top Huawei officials on how to achieve this.


How Nigeria intends to hit 80% broadband penetration by 2018
[Nov 18th, 2015]

Nigeria currently only has 10% true broadband penetration, but the government intends to boost this to 80% in the next 2 years through WTTx.

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