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Huawei’s contribution to Africa’s Telco industry recognised at AfricaCom 2018 awards



Huawei received three prestigious awards, ”Delivering Excellence in Customer Experience”, “Most Innovative Service” and “Best Sustainable Power Solution” at AfricaCom 2018 in Cape Town.

Delivering Excellence in Customer Experience is an award in recognition of Huawei’s Customer Experience Management (CEM) solution which enables operators to analyze and improve its users’ experience. This solution makes customer lifecycle experience measurable, thus enables the carrier to proactively manage customer experience and tailor the improvement that better serves the individual ’s needs. CEM drives business growth by building a brand of experience, attracting more loyal customers and consolidating market position. The global leading ICT solutions provider has received this award for 3 consecutive years since 2016.

The “Most Innovative Service” award has been presented to the global leading ICT solutions provider for its PowerStar solution which transforms energy-saving of wireless network. Trials carried out in South Africa show that, PowerStar solution reduces the average power consumption of a base station by 11.6%, and save 6KWh power per day for each site.

The “Best Sustainable Power Solution” award went to Huawei’s Green Energy Solution. This solution which has been deployed by more than 310 operators in 170 countries provides sites with stable power at a lower cost. According to practical tests, on average, Huawei Green Energy Solution reduces fuel costs by 50% and carbon emissions by 50% in off grid areas. In Africa, Huawei Green Energy Solution provides operators with an incentive to cover remote and un-electrified areas, making rural coverage commercially feasible, which leads to a 3-way-win situation between governments, carriers and users.

David Chen, vice president of Huawei Southern Africa Region said, “Huawei is committed to developing a diverse range of ICT services tailored to local needs to bring digital to more people, homes, and organizations in Africa. With combination of our global expertise and local experience, we have come up with these innovative ICT solutions in Africa, to not only create business value for our customers, but also to promote social economic development and people’s well-being by bridging digital divide, reducing carbon footprint and enriching people’s life.” | Huawei Corporate Press Office.