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Huawei Leads Telcos towards Customer Experience Monetisation
[Nov 6th, 2018]


In a mobile market driven by customer experience as the key differentiator; Huawei is leveraging its SmartCare Customer Experience Management (CEM) solution to support African Telcos become more customer centric, efficient and profitable.

 As the world’s leading telecommunications infrastructure provider, Huawei has extensive knowledge of global industry best practices and is seeking to strengthen its strategic partnerships within the Sub-Saharan Africa region to promote CEM.

Huawei has taken a holistic approach to CEM and digital operational transformation by combining cutting edge technology and a unified-single platform for CEM use cases with a complete business consulting transformation capability.  This combined approach provides a systematic and wide range of business use cases with technologies and techniques for operational efficiency, customer experience and customer lifetime value improvement to match the requirements of the local Telco network and market development needs. Huawei can help the Telco transform all aspects of its platform, processes, and organisation/people whilst providing new customer experience measurements (CEI, QoE, KQI etc..) metrics.

The Huawei CEM provides real time insights into each customer on a Per Service Per User (PSPU) bases by utilizing its big data mining and predictive analytic capabilities to provide targeted business focused use.

Speaking ahead of AfricaCom 2018, Huawei VP For Southern Africa, Mr Leo Lu said:

“Our clients are using Huawei’ CEM solution as an enabling platform and a key lever to deliver customer driven network improvements and increase customer revenues, as part of their digital operation transformation. In these competitive times, our clients are focused on improving NPS (Net Promotor Score), reducing churn whilst improving the customer lifetime value.

Lu added that by visualising the customer experience through analysing the customer journey, Telcos ware able to create precise segmentation for contextual marketing campaigns that deliver right time, right channel, right offer promotions to increase data usage (DU) and ARPU.

“This gives the Telco the ability to make smart and targeted network improvement investment decisions that improves CAPEX efficiency and focuses on intelligent digital customer care.”

Huawei Press Office

In one CEM collaboration in in South Africa, the Telco has successfully:

  • Reduced customer complaints about network quality by a third
  • Reduced handling time for customer experience problem by 50%
  • Reduced the number of network NPS detractors by 30%
  • Achieved a 2 digit improvement in traffic growth through smart planning & optimisation
  • Increased revenue by targeted customer up-selling/cross-selling
  • Proactive targeting and managing low CSAT customers to reduce churn

The Huawei CEM solution provides a correlated insight of customer experience and business network value to help operators make timely business decisions and identify new business opportunities through smart network rollout and marketing business development with “close-loop analytics to action” use cases. Telco’s can utilise customer insights to drive all parts of the business.

Telcos which build a Service Operation Center (SOC) are able to transform from network-focused to efficient profit motivated, customer centric organisations.  Lu says, “By putting customer centricity as a key element of digital operations, Telcos will see improvements with a consistent brand experience, loyal customers, a stronger market position and revenue growth”.

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Huawei along with its strategic partner MTN South Africa, were presented with the “Delivering Excellence in Customer Experience” AfricaCom award in both 2016 and 2017. The awards recognised MTN’s deployment, implementation of the Huawei Customer Experience Management (CEM) solution in MTN SA. The solution helps MTN proactively manage customer experience, focusing on each customer and each service level. The CEM solution offers MTN richer insights into its customers’ immediate needs as well as their future expectations.

Lu concludes that Huawei will continue to support Telcos in CEM, using big data and machine learning to monetise the customer experience, increase revenue and achieve digital service operation transformation.

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