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Huawei Launches PowerCube 1000 Advanced Diesel Hybrid Power Solution at AfricaCom
[Nov 15th, 2018]


Huawei launched the PowerCube 1000 Advanced Diesel Hybrid Power solution at AfricaCom, marking another breakthrough in Huawei Green Energy Solution. This solution helps mobile operators accelerate the construction of green smart sites and maximize network energy efficiency. Compared with traditional solutions, the Advanced Diesel Hybrid Power solution shortens the payback period from 3 years to 2 years in a modernization scenario with dual diesel generators.

In areas with no or unstable electricity grid, fuel-related OPEX of sites is very high. For example, the fuel-related OPEX of an off-grid site is 4 to 5 times the electricity costs of a site with stable grid under the same power consumption. To address this pain point, Huawei launched the Advanced Diesel Hybrid Power solution, which integrates digital, power electronic, thermal management, and energy storage technologies. In a scenario with dual diesel generators, this solution enables diesel generators to run at the optimal efficiency thanks to site synergy management. The modernization cost for this scenario can be recovered within only 2 years. In addition, smooth solar access can help customers get rid of diesel generators in the future.

“On one hand, the Advanced Diesel Hybrid Power solution achieves optimal site energy efficiency by synergy management,” said Xiang Weidong, Vice President of Huawei Network Energy Product Line. “On the other hand, in hybrid power scenarios, the core value of the energy storage system lies in the energy throughput in its lifespan. The solution maximizes this core value by integrating digital, power electronic, thermal management, and energy storage technologies, and the energy throughput is guaranteed.”

Currently, Huawei Telecom Energy solutions have been widely deployed in over 170 countries across the world, providing telecom energy services for more than 310 operators and winning customers’ trust and support. Huawei will continue to provide a series of smart site solutions and join hands with global operators and industry organizations such as the ITU to promote green and sustainable development of telecom networks.

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