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Huawei leads telcos towards excellent network experience
[Jun 19th, 2019]

Mr. Leo Lu – VP of Huawei Southern Africa.

In the digital customer-centric driven market, network experience is directly connected to the Telco’s brand value and revenue generation capability.

Increasingly, in Africa, more and more users are connecting to mobile broadband. The users expect their service provider of choice, to deliver a consistent and seamless network experience, higher speeds and superior service quality across their personal experience journey.

In order to effectively manage the customer’s digital network experience, Telco’s have already started to change their mindsets, and the shift from network-centric to customer-centric operations have begun. With the 3G/4G/5G network booming market, the user’s requirements are more stringent and widely diversified, which include hyper-speed connection, and smooth APP’s usage experience. More and more Telco’s are validating their network-centric KPI based operations, but can’t comprehensively capture and manage the network experience. This drives two-third of Sub-Saharan African Telco’s to transform their operational model and only half of them are aware of the digital network experience era, and why this transformation is imperative.

As the world’s leading global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider, Huawei has innovatively leveraged its digital network experience optimization and improvement solution to support Sub- Saharan African Telco’s in delivering the best-in-class digital network experience, enabling them to be the leading brand in their respective country that they operate in.

Huawei utilizes a holistic approach by combining cutting edge technology, together with the application of extensive knowledge from global industry’s best practices.  The network experience based optimization technique is applied to efficiently and effectively deliver a fast improvement of the digital network experience. Thus offering superior end-to-end network performance, optimal VoLTE and video service quality, impressive network NPS and benchmark ranking, and boosting the data usage towards 5G best network readiness.

Figure1: Evolution of Network based on Customer Experience

Mr. Leo Lu – VP of Huawei Southern Africa, articulated, “Our clients are using the Huawei solution to deliver fast network experience improvements and increase customer revenues as part of their digital operation transformation. The superior experience always brings more traffic & more revenue. By putting customer-centricity and network experience as key elements of digital operations, Telco’s will see improvements with a consistent brand experience, loyal customers, a stronger market position and revenue growth.”

Since 2016, Huawei has been leading the African Telco market industry, and has been helping Telco networks to reach the Excellent Experience distinction. Huawei, as a global leading ICT solutions provider, has received the ‘Delivering Excellence in Customer Experience’ award for 3 consecutive years (Year 2016, Year 2017 with South Africa MTN, Year 2018) in AfricaCom.

Figure2: the ‘Delivering Excellence in Customer Experience’ awards

Mr. Lu affirmed, “The enabling platform of Huawei network experience optimization and improvement solution is a unified big data platform with machine learning capabilities, allowing drill down optimization and quick improvements.  This combined approach provides a systematic and the aggregated view of network-experience-business value with wide range of tailored solution from product to build, operation, optimization and continuous improvement to match with specific business requirement of Telcos. This strongly enables maximum gain and faster network experience improvement.”

Huawei will continue to support Telcos in the best digital network experience topic, using its leading solutions and global best practices to build the superior digital experience connected world.

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