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CloudEngine 400G intelligent and lossless data centre network
[Nov 14th, 2019]

The fourth industrial revolution, driven by AI, is leading us into an intelligent world where all things will sense, all things will be connected, and all things will be intelligent.

AI brings great benefits to data centres that provide sufficient technical support for it. The data centre where all internet service traffic converges. AI services drive up the switching requirements on servers from 10 Gbit/s to 25 Gbit/s or even 100 Gbit/s.

To keep pace with such changes, a switch must provide 400GE interfaces. Since the development for the 400GE interface standard started in 2015, the 400GE interface has been standardised (IEEE 802.3bs-2017) for data centre applications. We are now entering the 400G era.

Huawei published an industry-leading CloudEngine 400G intelligent and lossless data centre network solution. The solution deploys the data centre modular switch — CloudEngine 16800 — which supports the industry’s highest density 400GE line cards; the data centre fixed switch — CloudEngine 8851 — which supports 400GE uplink forwarding; and data centre fixed switch — CloudEngine 6866 — which supports 100GE uplink forwarding.

One set of the architecture enables 10GE, 25GE, 100GE, and 400GE line cards to share the same platform, meeting the requirements for smooth evolution over the next 10 years.

The CloudEngine 16800, the first data centre switch in the industry to leverage the power of an embedded high-performance AI chip, uses the innovative iLossless algorithm to implement auto-sensing and auto-optimsation of the traffic model, thereby realising lower latency and higher throughput based on zero packet loss.

The CloudEngine 16800 overcomes the computing power limitations caused by packet loss on the traditional ethernet, increasing the AI computing power from 50 percent to 100 percent and improving the data storage Input/Output Operations Per Second (IOPS) by 30 percent.

With its AI capabilities, Huawei CloudEngine 16800 enhances the intelligence level of devices deployed at the network edge, and enables the switch to achieve local inference and real-time decision-making. With CloudEngine 16800’s local intelligence and the centralised network analyser, the distributed AI O&M architecture identifies faults in seconds and automatically locates the faults in minutes, helping to accelerate the advent of autonomous driving networks. Furthermore, this architecture greatly improves the flexibility and deployability of O&M systems.

CloudEngine series switches are leading products launched by Huawei for data centre networks. As one of the industry leaders in data centre network construction, Huawei has commercialised CloudEngine data centre switches in more than 7,800 enterprises worldwide, helping customers in the finance, Internet, carrier, manufacturing, and energy industries to implement digital transformation and create advanced intelligence.

The global data centre traffic increased fast in last 10 years, and many carriers are increasing their data centre construction.

The Huawei CE16800 switch will help Africa stay ahead in the AI ​​era to bring digital to every person, home and organisation for a fully connected, intelligent world.

For more information about supported resources, visit Huawei CloudEngine Data Centre Switches.

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