Huawei Enterprise launches end to end data centre solution to rapidly and effectively take local organisations into the cloud.

Huawei Enterprise South Africa, a business group of Huawei Technologies – the world’s largest telecommunications and ICT equipment manufacturer, this week announced the introduction of its Cloud Data Centre solution to the local market.

Developed upon an agile foundation, this solution offers a flexible IT platform which meets market development needs of business rapid expansion and contraction, rapid deployment and recycling.
Significantly, Huawei’s Cloud Data Centre combined a L1/L2/L3 layer unified management system with a comprehensive security and control system which employs V-Firewall and security service in order to ensure data integrity and empower business.

Furthermore, it is the only offering of its kind to a T-Bit switching platform and server, storage and network virtualization facilitates which have proven to increase utilisation rates from 20% to 60%. Service time to market is also reduced by up to 80%, improving operational efficiency.

Matthew Diao, IT Solutions Director of Huawei Enterprise Business for Eastern & Southern Africa, believes that Huawei’s Cloud Data Centre solution is unique in that it provides an end to end offering which is seldom seen in the enterprise environment.

“Huawei’s Cloud Data Centre is exceptional in that it addresses the full spectrum of business tools required to confidently take an organisation into the cloud. In today’s technology environment, where emerging trends such as Bring your Own Device are beginning to gain traction it is vitally important that organisations are able to rapidly deploy competitive data centre solutions”.

“We feel that this announcement positions Huawei as the global market leader in the cloud data centre environment, and we are extremely pleased to be able to introduce this technology to the South Africa market”.

Huawei’s Cloud Data Centre solution is strongly focused on providing an environmentally friendly offering. In this environment, power usage effectiveness of high density modular centres is significantly curtailed – leading to reduced electricity consumption.

Huawei also holds several patents in the fields of cloud computing and thermal management. This includes the ManageOne resource scheduling algorithm and intelligent interaction algorithm.