Huawei Enterprise South Africa introduces ground-breaking ‘Bring Your Own Device’ solution, developed with omnichannel banking in mind.

Huawei Enterprise South Africa, a business group of Huawei Technologies – the world’s largest telecommunications and ICT equipment manufacturer, this week announced the introduction of its ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD) mobile office solution to the local market.

This solution is designed to assist governments and enterprise customers in securely accessing a broad range of business critical applications from any smart mobile device, catering specifically for the emergence of omnichannel banking within the African enterprise environment.

Technology innovations over the past decade have significantly altered the manner in which consumers communicate. This rapid socialisation and commoditisation of technology is beginning to swiftly transform the financial services sector.

In response, banking customers have come to expect interaction with their financial service provider across a wide range of devices and media types – including voice and video enquiries on, account transactions, electronic payments, transfers, social media interactions to e-wallets.

“The major challenges for banks today are to provide more personalised services with a common look and feel across all channels as well as grappling with enormous amounts of data that needs to be captured, analysed, and put to profitable use by the bank and to meet consumer expectations,” says Ronald Fons, global head of Financial Services Industries at Huawei Technologies.

Huawei’s Enterprise BYOD Solution covers five key aspects: terminal, network, management, application and security – allowing banking employees and consumers to access critical information in more dynamic ways.
Furthermore, the solution also provides a unified platform for end-to-end (E2E) network, mobile equipment and security policy management, offers secure remote access and mobile device management (MDM) services and enables enterprises to customize mobile applications that are aligned with business processes.

“We have been actively building on Huawei’s extensive technical expertise and industry experience to deliver customer-centric innovations in the financial sector, offering innovative and highly efficient ICT solutions and services retail banks in Africa.

“Moving forward, we will continue to lead the industry transformation and address the rising needs of BYOD, striving to serve as an optimal ICT partner to help the financial industry accelerate the roll out of new services” concludes Fons.

The Huawei Enterprise BYOD Solution will be available for selected customers in South Africa at the end of March of 2013.