Huawei, a leading global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider, announced the launch of its eLTE broadband trunking solution.

As the world’s first 100 megabyte professional broadband trunking solution based on LTE technology, the Huawei eLTE broadband trunking solution is designed to address the evolution of trunking technology, from voice to multimedia within private networks in vertical industries. This new technology meets the requirements for efficient operational communications in governments, railway systems, airports, ports, power grids, as well as oil and mining industries. With the capability to provide voice trunking, video dispatch, video surveillance and location services, the Huawei eLTE broadband trunking solution will help customers significantly improve operational efficiency and emergency response rates.

Developed to provide optimal communications services and connection during operations and emergency incidents, the Huawei eLTE broadband trunking system is able to operate under harsh environments. In the demonstration conducted by Jörg Huth, Director, Railway Solution Unit of Huawei Enterprise in Western Europe during the launch, the Huawei EP680 terminal, a terminal which provides voice trunking, as well as video dispatching service, was able to maintain high quality voice and video transmission while fully submerged in a simulated flood environment.

Designed to adapt to harsh environments and to enhance operational efficiency, the Huawei eLTE broadband trunking solution provides some of the industry’s leading standards in voice and video transmission. The voice group setup delay of the solution is less than 300 milliseconds, where the push to talk function takes less than 150 milliseconds. This feature helps customers respond quickly to various emergency scenarios. Due to non-uniform frequency resources and difficulty in obtaining frequency resources, the Huawei eLTE broadband trunking solution supports a variety of frequency bands, including 400MHz, 800MHz, 1.4GHz and 1.8GHz, providing customised adjustments based on customer frequency resources. For networking, with a combination of single station, emergency communications vehicles, 2U micro core network, as well as 14U mini core network, the Huawei eLTE broadband trunking solution supports different network sizes, which can be tailored according to customers’ network needs. In addition, the Huawei terminal equipment can be adapted to a variety of harsh environments with resistance to extreme temperatures, water-proof, dust-proof, shock-proof and explosion-proof.

With over 20 years of experience in the ICT industry, Huawei provides an end-to-end eLTE solution for various enterprises and vertical industries, from chipset research and development to terminal device production. Huawei’s industry first, LTE professional trunking chip Hi6920 greatly promotes the rapid development of the industry development chain. Huawei also addresses the needs of the industry through the production of a variety of terminals, including data card, handset and outdoor terminals. Focusing on openness and integration with the industry, Huawei’s Mini PCIe wireless communication module enables integration into industry-specific terminal equipment like dedicated port terminals, cab radios, etc. Developed based on industry service needs and work characteristics; the DBS3900, a flexible deployed distributed base station, provides professional trunking and broadband access function to enhance operational communications. With eCNS210, a single cabinet core network, Huawei is able to integrate with solutions offered by partners, providing customers with the greatest reliability and the best processing performance.