Huawei, a leading global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider, announced the launch of “TP Controller”, an iOS-based Telepresence touch control system. TP Controller makes it possible for users to control Huawei Telepresence products through iOS-based tablet computers. The TP Controller enhances flexibility and convenience for Huawei Telepresence users by providing access via iOS-based tablet computers, in addition to the existing Android-based touch control system on Huawei MediaPad.

Users can easily download and install the TP Controller application software (app) from the Apple App Store which features an easy-to-navigate touch control system, greatly improving the user experience through an enhanced user interface. This allows iOS users to manage and control video conferencing systems easily, based on the platform and interface they are familiar with, thereby reducing time needed for user training and translating into IT cost savings for enterprises.

The new iOS-based TP Controller has the same operation interface as the existing Android-based Telepresence system, which is simple, intuitive and user-friendly. With the TP Controller, users can power on and off with just a tap of the finger, and gain direct control over the entire video conference process. Users can easily initiate Telepresence conferences, control the conferences and configure settings. With the easy-to-use controls and settings, users can focus more on incorporating Telepresence technology in their daily operations, instead of spending time to learn the system. Frequent Telepresence users can further enhance convenience and efficiency by customizing personal configurations.

The TP Controller is compatible with the immersive Telepresence TP1102 series and the Room Presence RP series, and will be extended to future versions of tri-screen Telepresence systems.

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