Huawei, a leading global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider, announced the launch of a new generation of Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE, FC-BB-6) interface in Huawei’s portfolio of storage systems. Based on VN2VN technology, the new FCoE interface significantly reduces FCoE deployment costs. Huawei has worked closely with Intel to test and validate FCoE VN2VN interoperability with Intel Ethernet Converged Network Adapters.

The new FCoE interface technology will be adopted into Huawei’s portfolio of storage systems. With the new interface, resources of both SAN and LAN will be converged into a unified network platform, simplifying network systems, and at the same time, enabling network flexibility that expands on demand. The FCoE interface has 20% better performance than the Internet Small Computer System Interface (iSCSI). Through replacing additional FCoE switches and reducing numbers of network interface controllers (NICs) and cables, the new FCoE interface can reduce investment and maintenance costs of data centre storage systems and network by over 50%. As part of the initial roll-out, the new VN2VN FCoE technology will be adopted in the T series, Huawei’s flagship storage systems.

Huawei welcomes opportunities to work with industry leaders on joint innovation projects with mutually beneficial outcomes. The long-standing relationship with Intel, which has seen the development of multiple cutting edge technologies across enterprise industries, has proved very successful. Since September 2012, Huawei and Intel have worked together strategically on the global development of products and solutions in the information technology (IT) domain, focusing on competitive products and solutions for servers, storage systems, data centres and cloud computing. Huawei and Intel leverage strengths and resources of both companies to deliver customer-centric, best-in-class products and solutions to customers worldwide.

“Network convergence is the irreversible trend in the IT industry and with Huawei’s storage products being an important component of the industry’s IT network systems, we are committed to providing storage solutions with better stability, scalability and higher efficiency,” said Mr. Fan Ruiqi, President, Storage Product Line, Huawei Enterprise Business Group.” Through the collaboration with Intel on the FCoE VN2VN technology, Huawei is able to address customers’ ever changing needs on the convergence of storage and network. With storage solutions that ensure reliability, simplicity and agility, Huawei targets to become the optimal choice for customers worldwide.”

“Intel has been working closely with industry standards bodies and leading storage vendors such as Huawei to bring the benefits of VN2VN to customers,” said Dawn Moore, general manager, Intel Networking Division. “Intel Ethernet Converged Network Adapters combine high performance and unified networking features to reduce costs and complexity for connections between the server and access layer. Now, with VN2VN, customers can use Fibre Channel over Ethernet from the server to the storage target for additional savings.”

Huawei has collaborated closely with Intel, the primary author of the VN2VN code submitted to the Open FCoE project, to test and implement VN2VN functionality in Huawei storage systems.