Huawei Enterprise next generation videoconferencing technology brings all-in-one design and voice dialing to local market in June.

Huawei Enterprise South Africa, a business group of Huawei Technologies – the world’s largest telecommunications and ICT equipment manufacturer, today announced the introduction of its next generation TE30 Videoconferencing System to the local market in June 2013.

Recognised as the world’s first all-in-one HD videoconferencing system, the Huawei TE30 will afford users access to a variety of unique benefits including a hassle free five-minute installation and deployment process, major improvements in usability, a smooth High Definition experience and an all-in-one design array incorporating a camera, microphone and integrated codec. Significantly, the TE30 is the world’s first videoconferencing system to support voice dialing. With multiple language recognition, built in WiFi compatibility and H.264 HP support to lower bandwidth usage by up to 50%, this unit is particularly well suited to South African business requirements believes Eman Liu, President of Huawei Enterprise Business in East and Southern Africa region.

“The TE30 is designed to offer a clear and crisp videoconferencing facility in any environment. Although the unique language and bandwidth considerations associated with the South African business environment may prove difficult to navigate for some solutions, Huawei’s TE30 is well equipped to offer a state of the art local communication service”. Supporting Video Motion Enhancement (VME) combined with intelligent face recognition and video image processing, the TE30 automatically adjusts to lighting conditions and bandwidth availability without compromising on image quality. Furthermore, the solution’s built-in microphone boasts a range of six metres while Huawei’s patented Super Error Concealment (SEC) technology ensures an unparalleled video experience, even in the event of a 20 percent packet loss.

“When developing the TE30 we focused heavily on adding tangible business value. Too often videoconferencing solutions promise the world but are unable to deliver on those guarantees. This offering aims to revolutionise the local market by delivering a highly flexible, cost effective and easy-to-use service that works. We look forward to integrating closely with the South African business sector to achieve measurable results”.

To find out more about Huawei’s TE30 videoconferencing solution, visit the Huawei website.