Huawei, a leading global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider, has launched its innovative eLTE solution in South Africa, at the Africa Transport and Infrastructure Show at the Sandton Convention Centre. Huawei’s eLTE, which features ubiquitous mobile network access and broadband data transmission capabilities, helps improving overall productivity and enhances efficiency for enterprise customers across multiple key industries, including transport, oil and gas fields, mining, energy, large enterprises, power and electricity.

Huawei has developed this latest multi-faceted product offering in its cutting-edge enterprise portfolio with a deep understanding of customers’ needs, and extensive experience in wireless communications technologies across the enterprise market.

“Huawei has over 20 years of experience in the communications industry and supplies into the rail industry for over 17 years. We are very excited to extend our strengths in wireless technology into the enterprise domain. Wireless technologies, being primary means of connectivity in Africa, have transformed people’s lives and Huawei’s eLTE solution is bringing a similar, yet unparalleled, transformation to enterprises”, says Rose Moyo, Enterprise Wireless Solutions & Marketing Manager, Huawei Technologies South Africa. “eLTE is a multi-service platform offering broadband data, Push to Talk, Push to Video, trunking and voice services for railways, aviation and port organisations. These advanced Public Mobile Radio, PMR functions enable security enhancements, emergency/rescue communication, coverage extension, coordination of operational teams to efficiently exchange vital operational information. eLTE is a versatile scalable solution which plays an important role in many industries, government authorities and enterprises, irrespective of size and location,” she continued.

Featuring broadband, fast transmission and wide coverage capabilities, Huawei’s eLTE Broadband Access solution meets customers’ needs in a variety of application scenarios. To date broadband wireless service is not provided in most railway and trains the data services in some isolated cases are provided through low GRPS public data service. The advent of 4G and Huawei eLTE system would change the data service landscape in the rail transport, as it has capability of supporting downlink speed up to 100Mbps and uplink speed of 50Mbps enough capacity to address enterprises’ demands for real-time data exchange services. eLTE system is an enabler to the WiFi services provided inside modern trains as key transmission channel delivering services between the train and other networks. That means inside the train or subway the high speed data connection is enabled and possible. The passengers in the train would be the same data service experience as they in home or in office. In addition real time information such as the PIS(Passenger Information System) news, financial information, weather, entertainment and advertisement would be delivered to the passengers. Security for the passengers can be enhanced through real time video surveillance.

Customised features are also available within this product line. For instance, for the transport sector, Huawei adopts a series of key technologies, such as a unique antenna design, Random Access Channel (RACH) detection and Automatic Frequency Correction (AFC), to ensure reliable broadband coverage in high-velocity scenarios. Today, Huawei’s eLTE Broadband Access solution is the world’s only mobile broadband solution which has been verified for its stable performance on Maglev trains operating at speeds of up to 430km/h. For the energy industry which requires broadband coverage bridging long distance locations, Huawei’s eLTE solution provides ultra-wide network access to locations up to 103 km apart.

Huawei’s eLTE Broadband Trunking solution is the world’s first professional broadband trunking solution. It offers efficient voice and video dispatching, flexible support for multiple frequency bands, agile network establishment, and strong capabilities to operate in harsh environments.
The solution provides high-quality voice trunking, video and data services simultaneously on a single network, and supports visual dispatch such as Push-to-Video. Taking up little space, the systems allows fast and flexible site set-up and deployment.

All these innovative features will help improve operational efficiency in the changing business environment of various sectors, including the rail, aviation and ports sectors. These features offer critical functions which enable controllers, civil engineers and crew members to gain access to more efficient communication lines, thus improving scheduling and emergency response operations. In rail, where the current most commonly used technology is GSM-R, Huawei’s GSM-R solution is the only one which supports the evolution to LTE. Huawei is the manufacturer of the industry’s first and only complete GSM-R full system redundancy with board-level backups, NE-level backup, and system-level backup.

Huawei’s eLTE access and trunking solutions offer industry-leading technical capabilities while also allowing for flexible and easy deployment. Not only do they help customers streamline their businesses but also contribute to public safety and enrich people’s lives.