With 4*40GE uplink ports and up to 108 physical ports, the S5710-HI Box Switch satisfies ultra-high density user access and broad bandwidth requirements

Huawei, a leading global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider, recently launched its S5710-HI switch, the industry’s first ultra-high port density box switch and an addition to its existing portfolio of SX7 series enterprise switches. Supporting 4*40GE uplink ports and comprising of up to 108 physical ports, a two-fold increase in port density compared to similar devices in the market, the S5710-HI switch can effectively address enterprises’ different networking demands including large and medium-scale high-quality campus network access, small-scale campus network aggregation and data centre network access.

With the rapid development of cloud computing and bring-your-own-device (BYOD) technologies, a greater number of users now connect to enterprise campus networks through a wider variety of devices, bringing about increased challenges on the performance, reliability and maintenance capabilities of these networks. In order to ensure high efficiencies and stability of campus networks while maximising enterprises’ return on investment (ROI), Huawei has launched the S5710-HI switch designed for gigabit access campuses.

Based upon Huawei’s cutting-edge switching technologies and Huawei Versatile Routing Platform (VRP) software platform, the S5710-HI switch possesses flexible full gigabit access and 10GE/40GE uplink ports, and includes other advanced features which not only satisfy the high-density access demand for enterprise users but also provide them with robust network security protection and high-quality service experience. Key highlights include:

  • High-density and flexible port combinations;
  • Easy operation and maintenance (O&M);
  • Complete virtual private network (VPN) tunnels;
  • High-standard network traffic analysis; and
  • 48-port device, which provides a maximum of 30W PoE power per port.

In particular, as a cost-effective “mini chassis” gigabit access switch, the S5710-HI switch offers flexible port combinations through the four expansion slots, enabling multiple port combinations including 48*GE (electrical port) + 48GE (optical port) + 8*10GE + 4*40GE, 96*GE (electrical port) + 8*10GE + 4*40G, and 96*GE (electrical port) + 12*10GE amongst others, and thereby meeting variable demands for bandwidth upgrade and maximising ROI for enterprise users. The S5710-HI switch is also one of the few highly cost-effective box Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) switches in the industry as it can be used as a high-quality access device that connects to the enterprise leased line. In addition to better performance, the S5710-HI switch also supports zero-touch device deployment and configuration-free faulty device replacement, simplifying deployment and O&M efforts for enterprise users.

The Huawei SX7 series switches have been widely deployed in various industries including finance, energy and education. The annual revenue of the Huawei’s flagship S5700 series switches grew by 180% in 2012. Looking ahead, Huawei will continue to deliver on its commitment to customer-centric innovations, providing high-quality smart campus networks for enterprise users.