Providing convenient and versatile hotel services at customers’ fingertips.

Huawei, a leading global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider, announced that it has completed the laboratory interoperation test with InnSpire for an Intelligent Hotel Solution, which has been jointly developed by both companies.

The Intelligent Hotel Solution combines Huawei’s hardware, which includes IP network infrastructure, WLAN and the Huawei MediaPad, with InnSpire’s mobile multimedia applications, running on both the client and cloud sides. It has been shown by the interoperation laboratory test to enable hotel guests using a MediaPad via the guestroom WLAN to enjoy the full suite of hotel services, including food and beverage ordering, information inquiry, check-out services, as well as a multimedia entertainment provided by the hotel, such as IPTV, gaming, and music.

“By leveraging Huawei’s expertise in ICT and InnSpire’s cutting-edge software solution in the hospitality industry, we are confident that the solution can bring great value to customers and be very successful in the market, enabling customers to enjoy versatile hotel services at their fingertips,” said Quan Yi, Director of Huawei Small and Middle Enterprise Solution Development Team.

Martin Chevalley, CEO of InnSpire, said “By cooperating with Huawei at both headquarter and regional levels, we look forward to making more breakthroughs in the hospitality market.”
The completion of the interoperation test is a milestone for the partnership between Huawei and InnSpire in the hospitality industry. Both companies agreed on the cross-referrals partnership, which will significantly facilitate either side to enter the dominant markets of the other, and thus expanding their footprints in the industry.