Huawei, a leading global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider, announced that it ranked first in terms of global storage revenue growth in 2Q13 Computing Data Center Benchmark report of Technology Business Research Inc. (TBR) with a growth of 22.3%, making Huawei the storage growth leader for the quarter among vendors covered in TBR’s benchmark.

TBR’s Computing Data Center Benchmark covers the quarterly progress and outlook of server, storage and networking vendors. In the product segment analysis, the report noted that “Storage hardware revenue will be muted by limited enterprise IT budgets, software-defined storage trends and competitive pricing pressures.” TBR also noted that 2Q13 storage hardware revenue was impacted by weak large enterprise spend and strong midmarket competition and declined by -4.3%.

Huawei was the storage revenue growth leader in TBR’s report, marking the fifth consecutive quarter as the storage revenue growth leader in TBR’s Computing Data Center Benchmark (from 2012Q2 to 2013Q2). As a leading global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider, based on Huawei storage’s philosophy, “Intelligence on Demand, Convergence for Future”, Huawei storage grows rapidly in global storage market and continues to expand its market share. TBR comments in the report “Huawei is rapidly growing the scale of its storage business by leading with a message of simplicity achieved through converged infrastructure, which appeals to customer demand for efficiency and reduced TCO.”

TBR’s report also notes that SSDs and server-side flash are combining to disrupt the storage market, particularly around data center efficiency. The storage industry is going through immense change brought on flash technologies, a field that Huawei has explored since 2007. Huawei has developed many core SSD technologies – including the ASIC-based SSD controller, wear-leaving algorithm, SmartCache software, and high-available architecture – and with the successive releases of PCIe-based SSD cards, SAS SSD disks, and the high-performing solid state storage Dorado, Huawei has also designed a series of application solutions that are widely used by enterprises. Moreover, Huawei storage perfectly combined solid-state storage and enterprise storage by employing Smart Matrix Architecture and innovative RAID2.0+ For Flash technology and launched OceanStor 18800F, the industry’s first enterprise storage system that features an all-flash design, with the highest performance, and lowest latency. The all-flash design enables the OceanStor 18800F to achieve million-level IOPS (based on the standard testing model) and microsecond-level latency, making it the fastest and the only enterprise storage system in the industry that offers microsecond-level response.

With 11-year R&D history in IT field, Huawei’ storage converges the advantages of hardware and software, and dedicated to independent research and development. Huawei storage has established a complete series of storage products, including unified storage, solid stated storage, virtualisation storage, Big Data storage, cloud storage and storage software. In addition, we penetrate deeply into industry solutions, which have been well evaluated by analysts and customers. To achieve the goal “Making IT simple and businesses more agile” , Huawei storage not only devote to developing reliable and high-performing products, but also to expediting the compatibility process with top manufacturers in the industry and working to continually optimise integrated solutions.