Huawei is a leading global ICT solutions provider, announced the introduction of the industry’s first ICT converged mobile Internet gateway, the AR511 at the Deloitte TMT Predictions event. It is an all-in-one product oriented to the ingress platform of the mobile Internet, which integrates multiple functions including LTE, media play, Wi-Fi, routing, storage, and security. It serves to accommodate ever-evolving service demands in the industry, helping enterprises adapt to new transformations and challenges, seize new opportunities, and create new value in the mobile Internet era by leveraging advanced network technologies.

Nowadays, evaluating Apps around dinner tables, transferring files between mobile phones and PCs, buying movie tickets on websites and scanning QR codes have become a social norm. The widespread use of mobile devices drives users to obtain information and conduct leisure and entertainment activities using fragmented time. Accordingly, users are now demanding a high-speed network access experience and diversified services.

However, enterprises providing network services are faced with considerable challenges. If the enterprises provide all network services through cloud, their Operating Expense (OPEX) will be increased, and, due to limited network bandwidth, users’ demand for localised experience cannot be accommodated.

In order to provide a wide variety of services such as advertising, information, and applications for users, the enterprises must deploy lots of independent devices including routers, media players, and storage devices, which are difficult to manage and maintain. As a result, the enterprises must input considerable funds. What makes the matter worse is that many enterprises providing mobile Internet services lack an effective service operation. Although they boast a large number of users, they are unable to carry out precise marketing to achieve more profits.

Satisfying requirements of both enterprises and end users, Huawei introduces the AR511 to help enterprises innovate their business models.

By deploying the AR511 on buses, tourist coaches and outdoor billboards as well as in restaurants, enterprises can deliver cloud services such as ads, videos and apps to local devices and implement them locally. Users can download these services directly without accessing a cloud server. Users can then reduce their traffic charges significantly and attain a localised, high-quality network experience. This also helps enterprises change their profit-making mode, implement precise marketing, and deliver differentiated content based on different customer bases, time, and locations. For example, shopping ads can be delivered at places where consumers are centralised. Hot ads and videos can be delivered at high foot traffic areas.

Huawei AR511 is capable of replacing multiple types of devices including routers, media players, storage PCs, and wireless Access Points (APs). The AR511 can function as a gateway to connect to enterprise head office networks while storing local resources, providing Wi-Fi services, and playing media, aiding enterprises to substantially reduce their network deployment and O&M costs. It provides powerful wireless capabilities with LTE network access of up to 100 Mbit/s and are compatible with 3G networks. It also offers enhanced security protection with integrated firewall functions and the device is shockproof, water- and dust-proof, enabling the AR511 to work in low temperature or harsh environments.

“Huawei’s mobile Internet gateway can help enterprise customers build highly reliable, secure, and operable networks featuring easy O&M,” said Mr. Li Xianyin, Vice President of Huawei Enterprise’s Networking Product Line. “We are convinced that the world’s first ICT converged mobile Internet gateway provided by Huawei will aid enterprise users to innovate their profit-making models and services in today’s mobile Internet era.”

Huawei’s AR511 will be available through its distributors and resellers by the end of May 2014.

Huawei’s AR511 mobile Internet gateway

Huawei’s AR511 mobile Internet gateway