Charles Ding Speaking at World Economic Forum on Africa

Huawei announced today at the World Economic Forum on Africa 2015, that over the next five years, 1,000 students across Africa will join its technical training program, Seeds for the Future, building ICT capabilities in Africa.

Charles Ding, Senior Vice President, Huawei, announced the training plan for Africa during a panel discussion entitled ‘Africa Mobile Technology’ at the World Economic Forum on Africa. He said, “Governments in Africa need to develop a vision of boosting connections. They need to invest or facilitate investments into national broadband plans and train technical talents, this will create jobs, boost economic growth and secure Africa’s future.”

Globally, Huawei works with local governments and universities to send students overseas to provide work experience with the world’s best ICT equipment. To date, over 10,000 students worldwide have been benefited from the ‘Seeds for the Future’ program. Over the next 5 years, more than 1,000 students from Africa will join from this ICT talent cultivation program.

During the panel discussion, Charles Ding also called for collaboration to build a national broadband in Africa, he said, ”Huawei has unique experience building some of the most innovative national broadband networks around the world. We believe that this experience can benefit countries in Africa. To build a better connected Africa, governments, private sectors, and all related stakeholders from the telecom ecosystem have to work together.”