HUAWEI, a leading global ICT solutions provider, launched the Migrate Towards Simplicity(MTS) solution at Meetup Africa 2015. Meetup Africa is a unique exhibition & forum hosted by TowerXchange, which is intended to bring together towercos, operators, investors and equipment & service providers to promote  tower infrastructure sharing in Africa.

Mr. Ouyangmingzhi, Director of Huawei’s Telecom Energy Product Management Department, said at the conference, ” It’s important to improve the site reliability and intelligence for towerco to realize the long-term business success, however, because of historical problems, the equipment in African cell sites without built-in intelligence, is often faulty. As a result, frequent site visits and maintenance is required. Maintenance is labour intensive and needs requires the services of highly skilled technicians. Even worse, the unstable D.G (diesel generator ) and old batteries being used on these sites, result in high fuel consumption which leads to network interruptions.”  Mr Ouyangmingzhi continued to say that , “we think the future site in Africa will be more intelligent, more reliable, energy efficient, more scalable, easier to be build-up, and easier to be maintained and managed. Huawei has extensive experience in building ICT infrastructure and providing products and solutions tailored to fit customer needs. Huawei is dedicated to developing new generation telecom energy solutions for its African customers.”

HUAWEI MTS solution

Mr. Linjunhai, Director of HUAWEI’S telecom energy Marketing department,  introduced the MTS Solution to all in attendance at the conference: “Huawei MTS is a new Generation site energy solution which combines all the site energy equipment. The power system, cooling system, battery, cabinet, environment monitoring system and security system are integrated in the design. The MTS Solution is managed and controlled via integrated OSS. One-stop deployment, easier maintenance interface, intelligent management, easy modular expansion and mobile APP contribute to the improved site reliability and autonomy thus reducing the maintenance cost”.

HUAWEI’S MTS solution supports ‘MIMO’ function, which is both multi- input and multi-output. It means the solution can access different Energy sources using one system, such as a diesel generator, and  solar energy. The different cooling systems make the solution suitable for different site designs and different environments.

Huawei MTS solution provides a unified OSS NetEco that can realize separate and meticulous management with customized energy managing KPI. Towercos and operators can set the parameters on the interface of NetEco independently. It can not only accurately calculate the tenants’ power consumption, but also customize and manage the interface information.

Huawei MTS solution will help towercos and operators solve power supply issues whilst making  the cell site more intelligent and maximize the total cost of ownership in the long term.