The annual Africa’s biggest and most influential telecom expo,AfricaCom 2016, is in progress from November 15 to in Cape town. Through a series of booth demonstration and interactive experience, Huawei showcased its Telecom Energy solutions which are designated to help carriers to reduce cost and improve efficiency. These solutions attract lots of African countries’ carriers, industry experts and analysts to discuss about the future development of network energy for a “Fully Connected Green Africa”.

A fully connected era is coming,and telecom energy is facing new challenges.

With the incentives of increasing internet business and progressing telecom technology, the network structure and site forms keep changing along with the evolution of ICT integration. The future energy supply in the fully connected era will face three major challenges: “0 Interruption” and “0 Cost” of power supply when connection is needed, and “0 Energy Consumption” when connection is not needed.

Huawei was the first to apply the intellectual controlling management technology into the telecom energy field, launching the Migrate Towards Simplicity (MTS) smart site solutions which improves the site energy efficiency. Through the application of high efficient components, reasonable design of air passage, system controlling logic, monitoring the performances of all the sites, MTS continuously provides energy efficiency improvement suggestions to optimize the network energy efficiency. The purpose of MTS is to realize sites fast deployment, easy Operating & Maintenance (O&M), smooth upgrade, energy-saving and emission-reduction, which will help customers to save OPEX and ensure the reliable operation of sites.

Hybrid power supply solution is another green energy solution presented at AfricaCom. Huawei hybrid power supply solution combines different method of power generation, including diesel and solar. In most African regions with unstable grid power supply, compared to the traditional D.G. sites, Huawei solutions can not only help African tower companies to develop flexible business modes, but also can lower site OPEX and lower carbon emission, which helps to realize the maximization of energy efficiency and the optimization of cost effectiveness.

Management system is an important element in Huawei’s energy solutions. The Huawei smart site management system of the new generation is an end-to-end energy management platform which is able to provide simple, efficient and reliable management for the sites O&M including power, fuel, energy consumption, energy efficiency, assets & inventory and daily maintenance. Due to the influence of harsh natural environment and backward infrastructure, African tower companies and telecom carriers always invest huge in the aspects of energy acquisition and O&M. Comparing with the traditional labor-based O&M, the smart site management system can help to stop the increasing OPEX with precise O&M, proactive management and energy-saving operation, bringing more and more benefits to African tower companies and telecom carriers.

Mr. He Xiaomin, Vice President in Huawei Network Energy Product Line, said during AfricaCom:” An intelligent society is coming. Based on the deep understanding of telecom network, Huawei innovatively combine ICT technology with energy technology to create high efficient energy management solutions. The future site power is no longer an isolated dump device. Instead, it will become a smart node in the intelligent energy network. Moving towards digitization, interconnection and intellectualization, with network energy efficiency maximization theory, network energy will become an energy network that is easy for management, optimization and operation.