Huawei presented its Cloud platform at the 2018 MyBroadband Cloud Conference, the platform enables enterprises and organizations to make significant steps of progress towards Digital Transformation.

At the 2018 MyBroadband Cloud Conference, Huawei officially released the next-generation enterprise-class full-stack private cloud solution FusionCloud 6.3. FusionCloud 6.3 is a converged “one cloud, one lake, one platform“ architecture. This solution aims to revamp cloud infrastructures and help enterprises move toward the age of digitalization.

The “One Cloud, One Lake, One Platform” architecture based on Huawei IT infrastructure aims to help customers accelerate information system integration and sharing. “One Cloud” refers to a converged cloud infrastructure features unified delivery, management and service provisioning. “One Lake” refers to a data lake aggregates data from all parties and provides full-lifecycle data processing capabilities, including data collection, storage, computing, management, and utilization. The data lake allows enterprises to transform their data resources into data assets. “One Platform” is an application enablement platform that integrates basic data services, general-purpose middleware, and industry-specific middleware to enable customers and ISVs to achieve service innovation.

Speaking at the conference, Muhammed Seedat, IT Director Huawei Technologies said “Cloud is a key engine for digital transformation. Over the next 10 years, Cloud will become a key IT Tool that supports industries to improve efficiencies and to connect with customers. This second wave implies that the Cloud will need to adapt to the business transformation. As the digital transformation of enterprises accelerates, service cloudification is not exclusive to the Internet industry, and has become a common choice in more industries. ”

“For enterprise, cloud migration is not the ultimate goal. Instead, they focus on how cloud computing adapts to their business and customer environment. This newly released solution provides high-performance cloud service capabilities using tech stacks and innovation enabled by software-hardware synergy. It can meet cloud-based requirements of enterprise applications and solve real-world problems.” Muhammed concluded.

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