Inspired by new IT technologies including cloud, Big Data, and AI, IT infrastructure is not only a pillar of business, but also a driving force for creating business value. The focus of enterprises has been shifting from effective utilization of resources to sustainable business development, and from cost effectiveness to value creation. Huawei are dedicated to tailoring innovative IT solutions to meet industry-specific requirements, to help enterprises solve problems and generate business value.

One cloud speeds migration of core applications to the cloud

FusionCloud 6.3 delivers one converged cloud which integrates unified infrastructure, management, and services into shared resource pools to drive efficiency and agility. The private cloud solution utilizes technology stacks based on software-hardware synergy to provide high-performance cloud services.

It offers the most number of IaaS cloud services with 42 cloud services in total. The solution leverages innovative technologies including bare metal, GPU enhancement, and SAP HANA cloud host services to help enterprises easily move their core applications to the cloud. Huawei is the only vendor offering servers, storage products, and virtualization platforms that are all certified by SAP to offer high-specification SAP HANA cloud host services. FusionCloud 6.3 provides heterogeneous computing services (GPUs + CPUs) based on Huawei’s Atlas heterogeneous computing platform.

A single server supports the processing of 512-channel videos, improving video processing capabilities of a single node 32-fold. Additionally, FusionCloud 6.3 is the only solution that supports a wide array of tenant-level Disaster Recovery (DR) services, such as local, intra-city, and cross-region DR, cloud server high availability, and cross-cloud backup to ensure business continuity. The solution also supports Huawei’s public cloud, unified APIs and services, and delivers a consistent experience to enable seamless service deployment and migration across clouds.

One Lake drives business value from data assets

FusionCloud 6.3 includes one data lake that provides full lifecycle processing capabilities including data aggregation, storage, computing, management, and utilization to help customers transform data resources into data assets. It provides scenario-specific big data analysis capabilities, supports second-level distribution of big data services and accelerates the migration of big data to the cloud. FusionCloud 6.3 supports five types of mainstream databases (Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MPPDB) and provides unique database security services to quickly and securely move databases to the cloud.

One Platform increases the pace of business innovation

FusionCloud 6.3 provides one application enablement platform that integrates basic data services, general-purpose middleware, and industry-specific middleware to enable customers and industry ISVs to develop new services based on multiple types of middleware.

Hybrid orchestration of containers and virtual machines allows automatic distribution and deployment of complex services. FusionCloud 6.3 also uses cloud service catalogs (CSC) to integrate third-party applications, enable service-driven access to ISV applications, and quickly adapt to scenario-specific service requirements, offering an ecosystem for enterprise innovation. Huawei cooperates with over 300 industry ISVs to meet the needs of different enterprise scenarios and enable customers to easily migrate their services to the cloud to accelerate business innovation.

Last year, Huawei launches its South Africa OpenLab in Johansburg, which will provide a platform for cooperation with industry partners and clients to develop new and innovative solutions. The OpenLab is one of 20 Huawei OpenLabs (Such as London, Paris, France, Moscow and Russia) and is part of Huawei’s international  ICT ecosystem strategy that aims to bolster the broader ICT environment and adoption of digital systems.

Huawei FusionCloud Private Cloud Solution fully utilizes cloud computing and Big Data technologies to provide resource pooling and full-stack cloud service capabilities, offering customers solutions in scenarios designed for converged resource pools, hosting cloud, and hybrid cloud. This solution satisfies customers’ requirements in different industries, effectively addresses enterprises’ business challenges, and helps customers achieve all-cloud strategies, promoting industry digital transformation.

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