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Ideco, local biometrics provider and Morpho premier partner has launched MorphoWave Tower, the market’s first biometric solution delivering secure, frictionless access control. Morpho has a consistent ability to innovate and advance the security industry with groundbreaking biometric technology and unrivalled performance.

MorphoWave Tower, the next wave of innovative biometrics and the market’s first biometric access solution featuring high-speed touchless fingerprint matching, received the top honor of its category in the Security & Fire Excellence Awards 2015.

This contactless biometric innovation from Morpho was named ‘Best New Product’ by the Security Industry Association (SIA) and was also awarded ‘Access Control Product of the Year’ by IFSEC International and FIREX International. The judging panel comprised representatives from the security, academic and policing sectors.

Ideco Chief Executive Officer, Marius Coetzee says MorphoWave Tower is the first of its kind. “The users of MorphoWave Tower can remain ‘on the move’ when passing through control points. It captures and matches four fingerprints simultaneously as the user simply waves a hand over its sensor. Its touchless acquisition capability meets the growing demand for frictionless access control at high-traffic, sensitive and secure locations.”

“Right from the project launch, we had the firm conviction that our new product would be a major innovation for the access control sector. There’s nothing else like it on the market. We are extremely proud that an independent and high caliber jury shares our opinion,” concludes Matthew Insley, Morpho’s regional director of sales for Biometric Terminals.

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