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Local biometrics experts Ideco will showcase its new all-in-one mobile biometrics unit at Securex from 24 – 26 May 2016. The solution was recently launched at the connectID 2016 conference and expo in Washington, US.

The Biometric Identity Management System (BIMS) enables biometric identification across a range of modalities – from fingerprint through to iris scanning – as well as being highly mobile and readily configurable. It can be rolled out rapidly in any environment requiring agile identification and processing of crowds.

Encapsulated in a device, the size of a ruggedised laptop, BIMS is capable of six biometric modalities and delivers a full range of connectivity options including Bluetooth, WiFi, GSM, GPS, LAN and Cloud.

Ideco CEO Marius Coetzee says there was a need for an eminently configurable, mobile advanced biometrics identification unit. “BIMS is unlike any other solution currently on the market for biometric user identification and access control. It enables agile, rapid roll-out of advanced biometrics-based solution; and has relevance for both the public and private sector across any number of verticals.”

“The need for secure and authentic identity management has reached crisis proportions globally, with demand for advanced biometrics surging. The biometrics systems market is predicted to be worth anything from $15-billion to $24-billion by 2020,” he explains.

Multi-functional and uniquely configurable, the unit has been designed to the world’s most stringent hardware and software security standards, and harnesses intelligent power management for prolonged battery life of up to 12 hours.

The Biometric Identity Management System (BIMS) and its supporting system were designed and built in South Africa at a cost of over R20-million in R&D and two and a half years of man hours by a team of skilled software and firmware developers and engineers.

Coetzee says most biometric systems on the market today offer single factor authentication. “Before the advent of BIMS, none could deliver six modalities in a single portable device, which can be used in any configuration for multiple levels of identification, as well as integrating into existing enterprise systems quickly and easily.”

BIMS’ mobile and uniquely configurable abilities facilitate both identity enrolment and identity validation efficiently, securely and authentically at any place, any time. With the intelligent use of APIs, the solution can be integrated with any backend system. This is a world first multi-modal, multi-functional, uniquely configurable mobile identity management solution.

“Due to the huge potential for mass adoption of BIMS solutions around the world, Ideco is currently in talks with international technology companies on distribution partnerships,” concludes Coetzee.

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