Welcome to Ideco
We have grown from a few talented and driven individuals into a business which accounted for almost 23% of the global leader’s terminal sales. We are pioneers, seeking new frontiers. We are passionate about technology and the change it facilitates. We are not afraid to innovate and explore cutting edge technology solutions that can enhance our value added solution offerings. We will actively explore opportunities to find new potential for our partners. We are not bound by bureaucracy or constrained by needless hierarchy. We know that sometimes the best ideas come from anywhere or anyone. When we believe in something, we act on it. We are experts in our field of specialised and niche solutions. We make a difference. We find solutions. We don’t compromise. We are proud of our legacy and we drive “certainty through identity”. We are Ideco.

Culture and Philosophy
Walk around our office and you’ll see many intriguing things: a fridge stocked with refreshments and snacks, a white board covered with creative and innovative ideas, and friendly employees talking passionately about how trusted identities can transform our world. Every one of us believes that what we do can navigate businesses to a better future. We believe that technology shouldn’t harass people and that our solutions must be both easy to use and powerful. Our customers are impressed with our passion for identity management and solutions. We are widely acknowledged as a leader and authority for our proficiency in our field. Ideco consists of a passionate, trusting, closely knit team of highly skilled individuals who love what they do, and while being renowned for our expertise and competence, we believe in the motto: “work hard, play hard”.

Who we are

  • We are acknowledged as a thought leader in Identity Control
  • We have an in depth understanding of biometric authentication
  • We are the glue to various statutory and commercial identity solutions
  • We have focussed expertise and are acknowledged as an industry resource centre
  • We have a technology platform for advanced Identity Profiling
  • We operate a National database of identities (Juristic & Natural / Criminal & Commercial)
  • We have a comprehensive range of “best in class” biometric technologies
  • We support a National network of certified Partners and custom solutions, and
  • We are passionate about making biometrics work for you

Over the past ten years, Ideco has assisted hundreds of organisations to improve their business processes, and in turn mitigate their risk and increase their profitability. As the pioneer of biometrics in South Africa, our aim is to help our customers effectively apply this technology and in turn create “trust in identities”.