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South Africa calls on iiDENTIFii as a critical service provider

Apr 2nd, 2020

We are forced to change what we view as critical, essential, or even important at all as we come face-to-face with the worldwide pandemic known as COVID-19. Whilst this crisis is affecting all sectors by limiting mobility and enforcing lockdown, certain critical services remain unchanged and exempt throughout, one of which has come to be online security. In the face of both social distancing and complete lockdown, the world is moving online, now at an even faster pace, which is highlighting the unequivocal importance of identity authentication.

From the banking industry to online education, there is a fundamental need to know that who we are dealing with truly is who they say they are. Especially in today’s remote world, which has rapidly changed as a result of government’s social distancing policies. With many bank branches closing their doors, the banking industry is being forced to enable remote banking for all South Africans, and fast. Throughout this transition, banks are seeking to find new ways to eliminate fraud, prove identity, comply with Anti Money Laundering policy and even to increase credit limits remotely.

Despite the desperate need for social distancing, throughout the country this week, we saw our elderly and most at risk population in very long queues, waiting patiently for their grant. The impact that iiDENTIFii could have on enabling this rapid transition into social distancing is not only limited to the banking industry but can even be built in to SASSA’s approach to supplying grants. ‘Through the open API integration, any wallet or payment mechanism can use the iiDENTIFii golden triangle authentication, to remove queues and streamline the process for the grants to be paid out. Protecting our most vulnerable needs to be a priority’, says Gur Geva, Co-Ceo of iiDENTIFii.