Sustainability has emerged as a key theme for business across the globe in recent years and interest has intensified as more and more decision-makers, government and business leaders included, focus on the impact of climate change and how this must be addressed.

Open House Worldwide, a network of 46 organisations hosting festivals and dialogue about architecture, design and cities across the globe, noted in May this year that the need to ‘design in’ sustainability is the one issue that is common to all the cities in the organisation’s growing global network, which currently stretches across Europe, the USA and Australia.

Can buildings save money and save the planet? This is the topic of conversation of the next webinar in IoT.nxt’s series of open customer conversations that explore how technology can contribute to improving business operations, drive costs down and also play a role in improving sustainability.

The speakers are Zahir Mamoojee, Vertical Business Lead and Mark Tallent, Solutions Specialist at IoT.nxt with Vodafone’s Russell Carr, Global Business Development Manager and Richard Muraszko, Group Property Strategy Manager.

IoT Tech News reported in March that buildings 30 percent of the world’s energy and contribute 40 percent of global carbon emissions. “Thanks to the convergence of IoT – with sensors, smart data, and cloud computing – and AI, buildings can now ‘talk’ businesses, the cloud and to each other, to protect occupants and make them comfortable, while saving energy and cutting emissions.”

The webinar content will include an introduction to smart buildings, a case study, and speakers will also elaborate on IoT.nxt’s approach to drive sustainability. The event will be presented on 6 May 2021 at 15:30 CAT.

Register here: Smart buildings and sustainability webinar.