Leading Internet of Things (IoT) company, IoT.nxt, appointed Eric Steller as President of the Americas at its USA office this month, to drive operations as part of its accelerated global expansion strategy.

Steller has extensive experience in software and technology and joined IoT.nxt from Subscription Enablement provider RecVue where he served as Chief Revenue Officer for over two years.

“The USA is the biggest market for IoT solutions and technology. While the USA is a very competitive market, we believe our innovative IoT offering, especially when combined with the technology of IoT.nxt’s holding company Vodafone, will make great inroads under Eric’s leadership. Our USA office was established in Texas in 2018 and we have several projects currently running in different states. We see great potential for strong growth in the medium to long term,” says Acting CEO, Shane Cooper.

“We remain committed to our goal to become a recognized global IoT company and driving our expansion in the USA is a key part of that strategy,” Cooper says.

According to Steller the successful roll-out of IoT.nxt’s solution with Vodafone in the EMEA markets and the UK can be replicated in the USA, where Vodafone serves customers across retail, finance, logistics, telematics, the public sector and manufacturing. “While Vodafone does not have the dominance in the communications market in the USA that it has in other countries, it delivers services to over 70% of the Fortune 500 companies. That presents a significant opportunity for IoT.nxt,” he says.

Steller expects rapid uptake in the markets for smart building and smart city solutions, the oil and gas industry, agriculture, and retail; all sectors where IoT.nxt has achieved success and delivered results to customers in other territories.

Steller has been involved in the technology sector since the 90’s and says the disruptive nature of new technology and how this can transform business is what attracted him. “Being at the cutting edge of new developments is very exciting. IoT.nxt has innovated since the company was established. Joining the vibrant team and driving its expansion in the USA is an exceptional challenge, but its unique technology agnostic solution is a great selling point which I believe will drive our future success in the US,” he says.

Steller holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Colorado, Boulder.