Internet of Things (IoT) innovator IoT.nxt announced Advannotech, a leading provider of integrated technology and enterprise management solutions that includes multi-disciplinary professional services to public and private entities, as its partner of the year for 2021.

“The experience with Advannotech has been unique. They’ve become part of our extended family and their work ethic has solidified them as partner of choice for IoT deployments. The company’s dedication has resulted in it achieving significant success in a short time frame,” says Richmond Nkambule, Customer Success Manager at IoT.nxt.

IoT.nxt and Advannotech partnered on a range of noteworthy projects, including:

Hospital in South Africa

A public hospital had a to need improve their patient journey and experience. This was achieved through digitization. Specifically, queueing management, transfer of patient information across various hospital departments, and the adequate allocation of resources to service patients. A Smart Hospital & Queue Management System was implemented for these hospitals to improve overall service delivery at this level.​

Water metering for a municipality

A municipality had a need to ensure efficient revenue management. In this case it was tax base verification against customer database management. Ultimately customer service management was implemented for the municipality to maximize total budgeted and potential income. As taxes and tariffs, customer arrears, poor metering, unreliable customer information, faulty billing and invoicing systems affect the overall viability of municipalities, this municipality chose to digitize their processes with a digital metering solution.​

Local refuse client

​The customer required an integrated security systems platform which entailed, access control, thermal temp screening, time and attendance, CCTV & push to talk systems. Further to this, License Plate Recognition (LPR) Technology provided added security enhancements by supporting the logging of camera diagnostics, ensuring all events with triggered alarms due to a security breach has a timestamp.​

Nkambule notes that establishing strong partnerships has been a key driver of IoT.nxt’s success since its establishment in late 2015. “We will continue our partnership approach and are encouraged by the support we receive from our diverse partnership network,” he says.