Leading Internet of Things (IoT) company IoT.nxt’s innovative virtual gateway V-Raptor has been selected as the winner of the Enterprise IoT Management Innovation category in the annual IoT Breakthrough Awards program this month. V-Raptor received the honours in the Enterprise IoT Management Innovation category.

More than 3,800 companies entered for the 2022 awards and category winners include IoT.nxt parent company Vodafone that was awarded the Breakthrough Award in the category Health and Wellness for the IoT Health and Wellness Product of the Year.

“V-Raptor was developed for an IoT deployment of significant scale that presented the need for a virtual gateway. An IoT aggregation layer was needed that could be deployed closer to the IoT devices inside a customer’s network to ensure a high degree of security while providing a way to send high-velocity data to our IoT platform Commander in the cloud,” says André Jacobs, Chief of Product Engineering at IoT.nxt.

“Because it is a virtual and not a physical device, it fits with our strategic goal to drive sustainability through technology. The V-Raptor is now deployed to different customers across the globe. Contributing to its success is the fact that V-Raptor enables IoT devices to be deployed, configured, and monitored at scale, acting as a load-balancer, and extra security layer for edge devices while handling distribution of various components like drivers, protocols, firmware, and security patches,” Jacobs says.

V-Raptor allows companies to deploy an IoT gateway on premises in their own data centre where it sits close to their IoT devices for maximum security.  Alternatively, they can choose to run in the cloud. It can be deployed on a wide variety of hardware ranging from entry-level servers to large-multi node clusters.

“Another benefit is that it allows for the launch of IoT offerings in a very short time,” Jacobs adds.

Other leading companies that won categories in the 2022 Breakthrough award include Cisco, Bosch, NETGEAR, Verizon and Sony.

V-Raptor also won the category Research and Development or new Launch in the IoT Global Awards announced in November last year.