Leading South African technology pioneer IoT.nxt and Vodacom Business Mozambique have officially launched in Mozambique. IoT.nxt offers disruptive and innovative Internet of Things (IoT), edge computing, data visualization and machine learning solutions through its award-winning platform. The company specializes in rapidly connecting physical and virtual assets, devices, and actors at scale to deliver insight and control.

Shane Cooper, COO of IoT.nxt, stated the introduction of the partnership will drive significant growth and development leveraging IoT.nxt’s deep experience across Africa. “Although business needs are similar around the world, there are more particular challenges to overcome. Remote and tough-to-access facilities, limited connectivity and the precarious state of infrastructure are factors to consider when deploying solutions. The introduction of our technologies and our industry know-how has produced impressive results and we are confident that we can deliver the same value to clients in Mozambique.”

“Our close partnership with Vodacom Business offers our clients extended benefits of extensive network capability, reach, and local business partnerships to complement what we provide. Together we believe our proposition is compelling as together we will offer end-to-end solutions with an in-country presence,” Cooper says.

José Correia Mendes, Vodacom Business Executive Director, says the challenges business faced in the last two years required new thinking. It became important to adopt intelligent solutions for improving management, reducing costs and optimizing business operations. “We believe that, with these solutions, we can support an extensive range of local industries and reaffirm our position as the partner that offers the best technological solutions that will support the ambitions of our customers.”

“Our partnership with IoT.nxt offers added value in supporting the implementation of existing business solutions through the creation of an IoT platform designed to meet customers’ needs.”

Cooper notes that IoT.nxt’s technology solutions will be of special relevance in Mozambique as it allows for simple deployment with legacy systems and assets.  It allows for easy data integration, device interoperability, and reduced human intervention in high-risk areas of operation. This forms the basis for delivering cutting-edge innovation, focusing on operational process digitization and business modernization.

* Vodacom Group South Africa owns 85% of Vodacom Mozambique and is the majority shareholder of IoT.nxt.