Itec serves up high-tech integrated surveillance system for family food company

Oct 21st, 2020

Family-owned food business Superfecta Foods is in the final stages of rolling out an intelligent, integrated security and surveillance system at its Krugersdorp factory that it says will enhance security, streamline access control and ensure better health and safety compliance across its operations.

The solution, which is being installed by managed business solutions provider Itec Evolve, includes 128 CCTV cameras that provide full 24/7 coverage of all food preparation, production and external areas. The system includes facial recognition software and a thermal screening solution that will provide instant temperature screening of all employees, and flag any abnormalities with an alarm.

“Superfecta was founded 19 years ago by the father and son team Rui and Paul Da Silva. From humble beginnings, when it started producing processed foods with a workforce of five, it has grown into a medium to large business, building an enviable reputation in the industry for quality and service in the process.”

Superfecta CEO Paul da Silva says the technology upgrade will provide a range of benefits, including better control over production processes, improved security, and reduced administration around access control, payroll, and time and attendance monitoring.

“This is a win all round for us. We’ve got more eyes on the facility, both inside and outside, and taking away the old fingerprint-based access control gives us a safe, contactless way of managing our people’s movements. The staff are also happier, because there’s nobody sitting with a manual temperature reader at every entrance, and there are no logs or records to fill in – it’s all automated,” he said.

Itec’s Mike-John said Superfecta Foods was part of a clear trend towards companies looking to integrate their security, surveillance and access control systems to save costs, reduce complexity and deliver increased information and insights. “Paul called me as a referral by one of my existing clients. Within 25 minutes, I was onsite discussing their challenges and pinpointing their needs. During the meeting I had our Security Specialist, Neal Harvey, on loudspeaker sharing his knowledge and guidance on how to move forward, understanding exactly what the client needs were.”

“The Covid-19 pandemic has also seen demand for thermal solutions go through the roof – and it just makes sense to ensure it integrates seamlessly with access control, security and business software systems. By anticipating the next business requirements of growing customers like Superfecta, we’re able to deliver solutions that address customer needs today and into the future,” said Mike-John.

For Superfecta, the new solution represents a massive investment, but Da Silva believes the system will pay for itself several times over.

“This is our first engagement with Itec, and they’ve been extremely professional from start to finish. What I like about them is that they offer solutions: they really listened to our needs, gave us advice around the systems that would deliver the functionality we were looking for, and provided quick, straightforward installation and implementation,” said Da Silva. “Superfecta Foods has become not only a client, but a friend. It’s been an absolute pleasure from the start of this journey to meet everyone in the company and I look forward to the long-lasting partnership between Superfecta Foods and Itec Evolve” said Mike John.