DevOps certification developed by LPI to meet growing demand

With organisations pressed to meet business demands with greater speed and agility, while driving down costs, a number of businesses are starting to embrace DevOps methodologies. The Linux Professional Institute (LPI) has recognised this and has launched an industry-driven process to develop a new DevOps certification under its banner.

Over the next few months the LPI will be finalising the certification content and will host the first DevOps exams later this year.

Mark Clarke of Jumping Bean, an approved LPI training partner, says the development of the new certification is good news for IT practitioners and employers.

“As businesses look to improve the pace of their software development and deployment they have been looking at breaking down the silo mentality that separates the traditional systems administrators from development engineers. Typically development teams are eager to use the latest tools in their projects but often bump up against less flexible processes.

The risks that traditional operations staff are meant to mitigate with a conservative approach to releases is outweighed but the benefits bought by faster, more frequent release cycles and the best practices and tools employed in your typical DevOps environment.”

“Over time, however, businesses have seen the need to provide approaches and tools to create greater collaboration between these two previously different roles in order to create greater agility.”

The tools that facilitate the DevOps role have also been gradually maturing over the past few years but a certification of proficiency in these toolsets and methodologies has been lacking.

“Developing a DevOps certification at this point is an important step in recognising new realities in the world of work,” says Clarke.” Business demands are always increasing and the tools being used to build the world of the future are changing even faster. It’s important that engineers are certified in relevant and required skills.”

For the next few months the LPI will be surveying IT professionals who understand the core skills and tools that are required for a DevOps role to verify that the exam meets industry requirements. The feedback will be used to create the final certification.

Following the community survey the LPI will be running a series of worldwide beta DevOps exams before formally launching the certification.