Business Furniture Solutions for Home and Office

Karo has been providing business furniture solutions for over 36 years. It has always been their objective to provide their customers with:
– Value for money
– Superior quality products, and
– Exceptional customer service
Its turnkey service offers solutions for all business furniture needs including offices, homes, laboratories, factories, training facilities, and call-centres. The company’s objective is to help create a workspace that is:
– Aesthetically pleasing,
– Ergonomically comfortable,
– Enhances business image, and
– Durable for the best return on investment.

Business Furniture Solutions from Karo

Karo understands that purchasing business furniture is expensive, so it is important to ‘get it right’. To assist you in avoiding costly errors, Karo offers a total solution that is based on the following core principles:

1. Professional Sales Consultants
Karo’s sales consultants are business furniture experts, accredited in workplace ergonomics, and use the company’s unique WorkRite© program to scientifically evaluate a workstation setup and help customers understand the importance of good posture. They recommend office desk and chair solutions that best meet customers’ needs and budget, taking into account the demands of hybrid work and providing solutions for this developing environment.

2. WorkRite©
Karo’s exclusive WorkRite© program provides a holistic solution to customers’ business furniture needs. WorkRite© uses a 4-step approach:
– It starts with a detailed analysis of the workplace to identify specific needs and operating parameters.
– The second stage, Karo recommends products that best meet requirements,
– The third stage, Karo trains employees to correctly use the products, and provides advice on workplace health, ergonomics, and product care. On the company website, their extensive Knowledge Center offers valuable advice on all aspects of business furniture and ergonomics.
– Finally, Karo assists with on-site installation, setup, and waste removal for recycling, ensuring maximum benefit and return on investment.

3. Experience in Providing Exclusive Business Furniture Solutions
Karo has been designing and developing business furniture for over 36 years, and its products can be found in some of the most well-known companies in Southern Africa –

4. Customer Service
The company carries a huge amount of stock so that any product purchased through their online portal is available for immediate delivery or collection from their warehouse. Their ergonomic and orthopedic office chairs have either an ergonomic or orthopedic rating, with the higher rating indicating greater ergonomic functionality.

5. Karo is a Global Supplier of Business Furniture
Karo is a global supplier of business furniture, with clients spread across five continents. To increase their global sales and distribution of casino chairs, in 2004 they established an office and distribution center in Sydney, Australia.

6. Value for Money
The company is a manufacturer and sells directly to customers, ensuring the most competitive prices on exclusive ranges of business furniture.

7. Innovative Designs and Cutting-Edge Technology
Karo is founded by two engineers and retains its emphasis on designing exclusive business furniture solutions. Their engineering focus helps them develop new products and components to suit all customers’ business furniture needs and help address the future of work. Karo uses cutting-edge CAD design software to design and manufacture its furniture. It continually designs new products and components that include the latest developments in moulded foam, fabric cutting, and ergonomics. The company has created many innovative products and components that have set new benchmarks in business furniture.

8. Quality Solutions for all your Business Furniture
To ensure that Karo maintains its quality standards, all its processes are completed in accordance with its Quality Management System. The warranty on every product is clearly stated on the website, and can extend up to 10 years.

9. Production Planning to meet due dates
Karo has a highly sophisticated ERP production planning and control system, ensuring that furniture components arrive on-time to meet customers’ due-date requirements.

10. Sustainability
The company also emphasizes sustainability and strives to minimize its impact on the environment.