Kaseya Delivers New Directory Services and Policy Management Capabilities
[Jun 6th, 2011]

With Automated Active Directory Syncing and Consistent Management of Service Level Policies for IT Professionals

Kaseya®, the leading global provider of automated IT systems management software, today launched Kaseya Directory Services and Kaseya Policy Management, two new products that will allow IT professionals to further improve the way they view and manage their networks.  Kaseya Directory Services solution allows customers to automate the process of syncing their Microsoft Active Directory infrastructure for complete visibility from the Kaseya IT Automation Framework while also ensuring access and data privileges are uniform to execute efficient IT services.  Kaseya Policy Management streamlines the process of creating, setting and remotely applying IT policies to groups of systems across a distributed organization.

Key features of Kaseya Directory Services include:
•    Active Directory integration – allows administrators to choose appropriate groups of users and machines to map into Kaseya while allocating them specific rights and access options
•    Password reset and disable account – technician enablement to remotely reset user passwords or disable accounts directly from the Kaseya Portal
•    Unified Login access – administrators can login to the Kaseya Portal using their domain login credentials while end users will have the option to connect to their work computer remotely using their familiar login credentials
•    Alerts and notifications– a bundled set of alerts can be configured to notify key personnel when changes have occurred within the Active Directory domain including new users and machines

As IT organizations are required to manage more and more machines across distributed networks with different requirements and SLA standards – security or otherwise – the need for policy management becomes clear. With the introduction of Kaseya Policy Management, IT professionals can manage machine policies by organization, group or machine, meaning defined service level agreements can be set up, published and managed in one location quickly and efficiently.

Key Features of the Policy Management module include:
•    Policy definition and management – multiple named policies can be defined, assigned and nested at a number of different levels including organization, group and machine.  Policy settings cover the key areas of the Kaseya Management Framework, including:

  • Remote Control Settings
  • Kaseya Portal Access
  • Maintenance Routines
  • Monitor Alarms, Alerts and Patch Policies

•    Dashboard – at a glance, administrators can quickly ascertain the overall status of all policies in the system, highlighting important metrics such as the number of machines in or out of compliance, machines not covered by the policy or other metric
•    Automated Policy assignment – an automated assignment scheme streamlines the process of bringing new machines under service. Equally, once a policy has been applied to a machine, any subsequent changes to the policy get automatically propagated to the assigned machines
•    Combined Policies – via the flexible assignment scheme, multiple policies can be assigned to any group of machines

“Managing multiple security models across the enterprise is a constant challenge for IT organizations until now,” said Gerald Beaulieu, director of product marketing, Kaseya.   “The Kaseya Directory Services module can now link customers’ existing organizational investment in Active Directory into their Kaseya environment, ensuring security access and privileges are uniform within Kaseya. With Kaseya Policy Management module, IT managers can now ensure uniformity of settings applied to the machines under their management and quickly identify machines not adhering to the defined policy.”

The Kaseya Directory Services and Kaseya Policy Management modules are available in June 2011 for new and existing customers and can be purchased as a subscription or perpetual license.

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